New Generation WorkStation: What is Samsung DeX?

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Mobility and flexibility are becoming more and more important for people’s work lives all around the world. With their employees on the move between office, workation and home office, many companies are faced with the following question: how many resources are really necessary to work from an office environment - or from somewhere else? - Not only a possible reduction of desks and office space is therefore imaginable, but also a reduction of IT infrastructure such as desktop computers.
Both pose a big possibility to decrease costs and also save on electricity and hardware.
In this article we will show you how the future of mobile working might look like – with the example of Samsung DeX!


Samsung DeX: The future is now - and it is mobile. 


Samsung’s fairly new Samsung DeX feature sets an example for a new era in mobile working and working stations. DeX stands for Desktop Experience, allowing users to get rid of the burden of carrying large devices such as laptops, desktops etc. This new feature allows us to create a workstation anywhere and easily get things done whenever we need. Although our smartphones are always at hand and our first choice to access the internet, we still prefer large screens when it comes to more functional work. In short, the widescreen is irreplaceable when working.  For this reason, the Samsung DeX application, which allows you to project what is shown on your smartphone to a large screen, opens the doors to the new generation working order. With this application, it is much easier to work outside the office and travel comfortably without having to carry a laptop. Basically, it is possible to have a ’desktop experience’ just with your smartphone, from anywhere.


To benefit from this service, you need to own a Samsung Galaxy device such as a smartphone or a tablet compatible with Samsung DeX, as well as the required connection accessories such as an HDMI converter, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. First, you need to connect your smartphone to your monitor with the HDMI converter; then the DeX feature will automatically start working. Also if you use a Galaxy tablet compatible with the DeX feature all you need is to get the keyboard case for your tablet, activate the DeX feature either from the top menu or from the DeX button on your keyboard. After that, basically it works just as fine as a laptop without all the heaviness. When your device is on DeX mode, you will see that the whole screen will appear just like a laptop screen. DeX supports many apps that are widely used by companies and their employees like communications apps such as Zoom or productivity apps like Microsoft Office programs.


(DeX is supported by the following devices: Galaxy S9, S10, S20, S21, Note 9, Note 10, Note 20, Z fold series phones, Galaxy Tab S4, S5e, S6 and S7 series tablets.)


But what happens when a company doesn’t use Samsung devices as their first choice?

Unfortunately, they aren’t able to use the DeX feature, as it is only supported by Samsung Galaxy devices. This brings us to the urgent need of similar efficient solutions using other devices for the future of efficient work/social life.


Due to the COVID pandemic, working from home has gained a completely new meaning to us. Our lives and the way we work have changed; working from home has become an option for most people leading many companies to open new possibilities for remote working. This also leads companies to use the BYOD option (bring your own device), a preferred alternative to corporate devices, where employees are able to use their own devices for corporate purposes. BYOD is a highly popular solution for some companies, since it doesn’t require a highly expensive device budget. So when we think about remote working and efficient commuting, Samsung DeX sounds like one of the best options out there. However, as mentioned, Samsung devices are needed to use Samsung DeX, and not everyone uses Samsung Devices in particular. Unfortunately, the latter situation eliminates the option of using Samsung DeX widely, especially for the companies that use BYOD.


Mobility is not something you can do without security measures


Another question is catered towards a more alternative world. Let’s say that there are applications and solutions just like Samsung DeX, allowing companies to use any device they prefer to stay completely flexible. What happens then? Working from everywhere using your own device sounds great, but what about the security of the company data? How are you going to manage them all?


Most companies decide to pay for extensive device security solutions to protect their company data, devices and sensitive information. Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions in these situations come in handy. If you want to learn more about what MDM is, click right here!


If a company doesn’t use Samsung devices, they naturally cannot be able to use Samsung DeX. But if they use mobile devices as ‘’working stations’’, an MDM would be necessary to manage them all. If a company asks their employees to bring their own devices, this BYOD system requires security measures for the companies with sensitive data. This requirement can be fulfilled with an enterprise management solution, which naturally brings us to talk about our MDM solution, MobiVisor.


MobiVisor is a Mobile Device Management solution enabling the management and control of all corporate devices remotely. It has many features that can be customized based on a company’s needs and requirements. With MobiVisor, you can manage BYOD and COPE devices, both Android and iOS. When it comes to data security, it is important to define needs and requirements before searching for a security solution. If you need a guideline on how to find the best MDM solution, click here to follow our checklist. You can also directly check out our MDM prices. 


The future of mobility has started to shift amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It is well-known that remote work is possible for almost every sector, so Samsung DeX could be long overdue. However, it is also clear that this mobility will on one hand bring new possibilities of efficiency and on the other hand a sudden change in the way people work. We are excited for the possibilities.

You are interested in enabling BYOD or COPE in your company? We are happy to help! Just send us a message to [email protected]

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