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Every company has individual requirements. And every company has individual wishes. That’s why we also offer our customers an individual licensing system, whereby they only pay for what is actually used. Benefit from attractive, individual packages. Here are our prices at a glance:

MobiVisor Standard


*per month per device licence
MobiVisor Advanced


*per month per device licence
MobiVisor Premium


*per month per device licence

If you’re looking for the classic MDM features to manage the mobile devices, MobiVisor Standard already offers you everything you need to start managing the mobile devices immediately.

General device management

Mobile App Management

Data security

Reports and Logs



If you focus on the management of apps and usage of mobile devices in your company, you can choose two MobiVisor Expansions to profite from more possibilities for mobile device management.


Includes every MobiVisor Standard Feature
Two MobiVisor Expansions of your choice:

MobiVisor Messenger

MobiVisor Files

MobiVisor Secure Mail

MobiVisor per-App-VPN

If your company has many required safety measures regarding the mobile devices, MobiVisor Premium offers you the most complete and complex security.


Includes every MobiVisor Standard Feature
All MobiVisor Expansions (MobiVisor Messenger, Files, Secure Mail und per-App-VPN)

MFC Communications GmBH MDM
Deskcenter MDM
Stadt Halle Saale MDM
Basislager Leipzig Coworking MDM
Hamburg Carl Baguhn MDM
Drews Marine GmBH MDM
Ostsee Zeitung Logo Medien RGB MDM
Hospital at Home MDM

Are you an IT or telecommunications company and see the potential of time? Then MobiVisor is the right, flexible solution for you and your customers.

Get 14 Days of MobiVisor for free.

Request your individual test environment now and try all our MobiVisor Features free of charge.


Which package fits my needs best?

MobiVisor Standard: The MobiVisor Standard license already contains all basic MDM features you’ll need to manage devices and apps. If you aim to manage the company's mobile devices without an expansion, this package is your right choice.

MobiVisor Advanced: The MobiVisor Advanced license contains all MobiVisor Standard features but adds two of our expansions: VPN, Messenger, Files or Secure Mail. You can combine them however you like.
This package suits best if you seek more complex management and higher safety measures.

MobiVisor Premium: The MobiVisor Premium license contains all MobiVisor Standard features but also all of our expansions (VPN, Messenger, Files, Secure Mail). This package is best if your company has high security requirements in regards to connections and communication.

Is it possible to book an individual package?

Our product packages are as individual as your requirements. Just ask for a free consulting session and together we’ll find the package that works best for you!
You can reach our customer care team anytime via [email protected] or call us at: +49 0176 3411 0095.

Can I change between options?

There are new requirements in your company and you need to update your MobiVisor plan? No problem! You can switch monthly between the packages and book expansions as you see fit!

How long is one term of a MobiVisor package?

If this is your first time buying your MobiVisor license, the minimum contract duration is one year.
During this time, you can change your products as you wish. This guarantees full control over your contract at any time. If you wish to end your MobiVisor contract you can do so at the end of the month. The termination must be in written form.

Are the costs for hosting already included in the license price?

MobiVisor MDM for cloud is hosted in compliance with GDPR regulations on German servers. The costs for hosting on the cloud are included in the price.

Are there additional costs for an on-premise installation?

We don't charge an additional running fee if you prefer an on-premise installation. Even the license price remains unchanged. We only charge once for the set up of the on-premise environment.

How are the licenses paid?

You may decide which payment plan fits you best: You can either pay all your licenses at once and in advance or you can pay them monthly.

How does the licensing work?

We only offer device licenses. This means that you can register more than one device for one user.

How can I increase my number of licenses?

The number of licenses can be increased as you wish. Don’t hesitate to ask our customer care team or contact your MobiVisor expert directly.

How does the MobiVisor test work?

Here you can easily request your personal MobiVisor test environment, which will be activated within 24 hours. Our MDM experts will reach to you, help you with setting up your MDM and register your first mobile devices.

How can I change my existing MDM provider?

We'll help you change! Just give us a notice in our contact form with the Keyword “Change” or directly contact our director of business development Sven Noack at [email protected] with your wish to change.

If you have up to 13 months of contract left, we will give you this time when you change to MobiVisor!

What happens after the purchase?

After your purchase you will get an individual confirmation via email. We will then activate your personal MobiVisor environment within 24 hours. You can directly start to test MobiVisor.

If you wish to continue using MobiVisor after the 14 day trial, you needn’t do anything as the contract will automatically prolong. If you are not happy with MobiVisor, just contact us when the 14 day trial ends and we’ll shut down the MobiVisor domain immediately. Your Data will not be stored in this process.

We are happy to advise you at any time!

You have questions or want a non-binding offer?

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Sven Noack

Managing Director