Retail Companies in the Digital Age: EMM with MobiVisor

enterprise mobility management

Shopping: One of the most popular recreational activities of our time. With online shopping becoming approved and accepted by more and more people every day, there are not only customers who visit the store at shopping malls or streets, but also people who shop online with their mobile devices. It has also become difficult for retail companies to follow the increasing online shopping demands.

As the consumers are growing with the digital age, the need for customer service and mobility management is also increasing. With these growing demands, channels of distribution, and employees in different locations, the responsibility of the IT department is also gaining high importance to ensure mobile security. Here comes MobiVisor to make everything much easier.

Let’s see what may be the problems to face and how can MobiVisor help you overcome them.

  1. Device Security


The digital era that we have stepped into requires almost all employees of retail companies working at the stores or warehouses to have a mobile device to keep track of orders, stocks, price changes, etc. Many retail companies distribute mobile devices to their staff or at least a couple of devices per store.

These devices might get stolen, or be accessed by third parties which might cause severe damage to the company’s reputation if the stolen data is used with bad intentions. Or at least, the company will make a loss since the device is gone even if there is no stolen data. With MobiVisor:


- You can track the location of your corporate mobile devices, instantly or for a certain period, on the map.

- You can lock the device if it is taken out of a certain location; for example, out of the store or the warehouse.

- You can get alerted if there is a SIM card change/removal.

- You can understand if the GPS data coming from a device is fake.

- You can imply device-specific policies. For example, you can make it impossible to turn off the GPS, Bluetooth, etc. Also,

- You can make it obligatory to be connected to VPN.

- Your data cannot be reached by any third party.

- You can see device details such as battery level, IMEI number, SIM card number, etc.

  2. Application Management


When it is about mobile devices, the first thing that comes to mind is mobile applications. While certain mobile applications are essential and can be very useful, some of them might be distractive during working hours. Thus, with MobiVisor:


-  You can install any application you wish, to your corporate devices remotely. For example, if you have a specific application of your company which is for keeping track of the stocks, managing the mail orders, etc., you can install it on each one of your devices remotely and disable them from getting uninstalled.

- You can remove any application that you think might be bad or contain malware.

- You can limit the using hours of certain applications. For example, you can disable the use of social media applications or games during working hours.

- If the applications on the devices need an update, you can remotely perform it without the need of asking each employee to do that.

  3. IT Assistance for Retail Companies


Not all of us are experts of technology, right? This is why we often need technical support when something is not working. Your employees need the same support, however, a retail company can’t assign an IT officer to each of its stores and warehouses.

With MobiVisor, you can connect to your devices anywhere and everywhere instantly and solve all your technology-related problems without the need of having the device in your hands. This way, you can save cost and much time.

After reviewing the top three problems you might face as a retail company and the solutions you can reach with MobiVisor, don’t you think software as a service is the best way of service? If the answer is yes, reach us to start your free demo A.S.A.P.  because there is still much more to discover!

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