Mobile Device Management for…

The organization of mobile devices

All devices at a glance
Manage system updates
Add or remove users

The supply of apps

Installing apps directly
Configuration of app catalog
Automating app updates

Ensuring security

Blocking insecure apps and websites
Blocking phone numbers
Setting up passwords

The control of usage

Simplified operation through KIOSK mode
Hide apps that are not needed

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Security Service Flexibility User friendliness

Advantages of an MDM

Benefit from MobiVisor MDM’s clarity, security and workload reduction


Save administration efforts and thus time and costs


Keep an overview - devices will not get lost and can be clearly assigned to users


Install updates and patches easily and quickly


Protect company and employee data

time savings
on device setup
faster incident
higher employee

Are you in need of a fast MDM solution?

Do you need a fast MDM solution? Use our full Ready2Go service
for device acquisition, setup, maintenance and return

All these features and more!

MobiVisor offers more for your mobile devices

MobiVisor Messenger

The secure alternative to WhatsApp & Co, Chat and share information without risk.

MobiVisor per-App-VPN

Secure internet connections via VPN. Simply activate via the VPN app and protect your devices.

MobiVisor Files

Store and distribute company documents. Easily and securely managed through the MDM.

MobiVisor Secure Mail

Additionally secure your email infrastructure and secure all enterprise access points.

You too can trust MobiVisor

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