Enterprise Mobility Management During COVID-19

Mobile device management

What a year! While we were ready to embrace the new decade, 2020 has changed our lives drastically in ways we would never have guessed. During these hard times, we all have come to recognize the importance of mobile devices. Enterprises have provided smartphones and tablets to their employees. But, how well do we carry out the management of these mobile devices? Let’s meet MobiVisor.


Enterprise Mobility Management



When it comes to enterprises, big or small, beloved fellows of the IT department have been breaking a sweat, since most of the business has become remote, to keep everything working smoothly.
One of the issues to work out smoothly is mobility management because nowadays, almost everything gets done via mobile devices. By integrating MobiVisor with all these corporate mobile devices, you can ease out the process in many ways. To give the main idea, let’s wrap these ways in 10 steps:

With MobiVisor, you can manage and keep secure your corporate mobile devices by:

1. Having the device details

2. Accessing the locations

3. Controlling the applications

4. Defining device-specific policies

5. Remote IT assistance

6. Managing the content

7. Reporting and logs

8. Bringing restrictions

9. Specifying possible violations

10. Ensuring corporate data safety


Points to Highlight


We have mentioned that with MobiVisor, the enterprise mobility management process can be done much more efficiently and we have listed the ten things you can do. But, what are the key points in that list to comprehend that will help your company to have a more secure mobile experience as well as the IT department to work things out much more easily?



    1. Data and Mobile Device Security


During this era of digital transformation, data and device security are one of the biggest concerns that especially are a matter of corporate life. It is unacceptable if the corporate data is disseminated to third parties. In this context, MobiVisor allows you to keep your data and devices secure. How?

- You can define certain policies for certain devices. For example, you can make the network serve only when the VPN is activated so that your data cannot be accessed by any third party.

- You can keep your inside corporate conversations (including e-mails and phone calls) in a compass that cannot be accessed by other applications or any third party.

- MobiVisor keeps all of your data inaccessible to any third party.

- You can remove any document or data from the device whenever you need to, remotely.

- You can remove any malefic application from the device remotely.

- You can block the camera of the device in certain locations.

- You can understand if there is a program installed on your corporate device that sends fake data (GPS, IP, etc.)

- You can lock the device remotely if the device is taken outside of the city or a particular location.

- You can set the device password limitations, for example, you can make it a must that all the passwords contain special characters or numbers.

- You can backup your device or any particular data.

- If there is an employee who quit the job and you are not able to take the device back, you can remotely remove any confidential information and lock the device.


    2. The Efficiency of Work and Well-being of the Crew


In a time where everyone is under the pressure of being constantly connected and online, social media can be very distracting and long working hours might be exhausting for your crew, especially during working hours. As well, if you have a logistics team who are responsible for distributing goods to customers, they might get lost, or face dangerous situations. No worries, MobiVisor is here for you. With MobiVisor you can:

- Block the usage of certain applications (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc.) during working hours.

- Set a notification to remind your employees to take a little break.

- Take the GPS data from your corporate devices; instantly or periodically on the map and report whether they are logged in/out into the pre-defined locations in the system. Besides, MobiVisor can track a selected device within a specified time interval and display its location information as a projection on the map.

Please note that this is completely optional and MobiVisor is not used to track employees without their knowledge or permission.

- Get in touch with your employees when something is not right or when they require help.

- Track your employees if they are working in an unsafe environment and be able to reach them instantly whenever needed.


    3. Remote IT Assistance


The pandemic has for sure taught us how important the IT department is. Trying to figure out how to handle everything digitally, it is for sure all of us need technical assistance from time to time. With the lockdowns, it has become clear that being able to assist remotely is essential, both for the ones who need it and those who give it because it is impossible to describe technical steps over the phone! This is where MobiVisor comes into the picture. With the Quick Support feature, you can monitor a device by seeing its screen instantly and fix problems remotely. As well, it is possible to make regular system updates remotely without having to ask each employee to update their devices.

Now, you know the essentials of how mobile device management can be beneficial, and what MobiVisor is for. But, do you think this is all? Of course not! With its customizability, MobiVisor is ready to meet as many of your needs as possible. Just reach us and get your special demo for free.


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