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On our MobiVisor Support page you can find instructions, info sheets and contact information if you need help with setting up or using MobiVisor MDM.
MobiVisor Support is true to our company's motto: Where Software meets Service. We want to help you to find the solution you need for your goals.
Contact us anytime if you need additional support for MobiVisor. Learn more about MobiVisor in general here: MobiVisor Homepage. 


What is Mobile Device Management?

MDM? MobiVisor? You don't know much about these things? Download our product presentation and you will learn what Mobile Device Management is and for whom it is interesting.

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Info sheet MobiVisor Messenger

What features does MobiVisor Messenger offer and why does it make WhatsApp redundant in your workspace? Here you can find all information about our Messenger.

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Instruction MobiVisor Container Setup for Android

One device, two sections. Our container setup gives you a private area and a work area on your device. How is this setup installed?

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Checklist MobiVisor Enrollment

Do you want to install MobiVisor via Android Enterprise or Apple DEP? This checklist will help you to prepare yourself for a smooth and easy enrollment.

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Info sheet MobiVisor Apple APNS Certificate

The Apple APNS certificate is required to send MDM commands to iOS devices. This is done using the Apple account of the company. Here you find all information on how to proceed.

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Info sheet MobiVisor VPN

This info sheet gives you a deep insight for the configuration of MobiVisor VPN both on your Android and iOS devices.

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MobiVisor Manual

How do you install MobiVisor? How do you manage users? How do you create policies? How do you manage apps? Here you will find explanations and instructions for all MobiVisor features.

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Info sheet MobiVisor File Manager

The MobiVisor File Manager is like a dropbox optimized for business. Here you can find more information about our File-Manager.

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Info sheet MobiVisor Container Setup for iOS

The Container Setup is now also available for iOS devices. How does the separation of the areas work? And what are the differences to Android?

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Info sheet MobiVisor Secure Mail

What is MobiVisor Secure Mail and how is it installed? Here you can find more information about this powerful email tool.

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User Guide MobiVisor Messaging App

What is MobiVisor Messaging App and how it is used? All questions referring the app are answered in this user guide.

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Bring Your Own Device - Instructions for setting up a private device for professional use

Use a private device securely for work without mixing private and business data? That is easily possible with BYOD.

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We also have video instructions!

If you prefer to watch a tutorial instead of working through documents, our video tutorials are just the thing for you.



Device owner setup: Install MobiVisor as Android Enterprise

How do I install MobiVisor as Android Enterprise (Android for Work)?

BYOD setup: Install MobiVisor from Apple App Store

How do I install MobiVisor on my own iPhone?

BYOD setup: Install MobiVisor from Google Play Store

How do I install MobiVisor on my own Android smartphone?

App Management


Apps in MobiVisor can be distributed via single commands or via groups. We explain exactly how it works in the documents on MobiVisor Support.


Disable/ enable Play Store

How can I disable or enable the Google Play Store?

Install Apps

How can I send an app request to my device?

Add apps to the MobiVisor Store

How can I add apps to the MobiVisor Store so that they are only available there?

Special Features


MobiVisor MDM has different features, you can check out here: General MDM features of MobiVisor. 
For some of our features we collected instructions on our MobiVisor Support page.


Set notification for violations

How can I set up email automation when violations of my policies are detected?

Activate KIOSK mode

KIOSK mode is a special setting that prevents an app from being closed. How can this mode be activated?

Do you have questions about setting up and using MobiVisor MDM?
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