MDM Features: Discover all functionalities

What are MDM features? What is possible with Mobile Device Management? Find out here.

MobiVisor is a mobile software that provides a complete solution for remote management of your corporate mobile devices. Our Mobile Device Management System is suitable for all remote management requirements of your mobile devices and works with all devices that are supported by Android and IOS operating systems. Get to know all the MDM functions of MobiVisor now:



The core of every MDM. MobiVisor enables you to manage your mobile devices and you get all the important information at a glance.

  • View device details
  • Device management in Groups
  • Centralized sending of commands (e.g. app or policy updates)
  • Remote support from anywhere
  • LDAP-Integration
  • Easy installation and commissioning of MobiVisor through QR codes


With MobiVisor, you can update, delete or lock apps on your devices - Anything to do with control and management.  

  • Company-specific application catalogue
  • Update installed apps
  • Individual permission and prohibition of apps
  • Install and delete apps remotely
  • App-protection through backups


Safely manage all content on your devices. MobiVisor Files enables all of this.

  • Sharing company content with employees
  • Different areas with different access rights
  • Encrypted storage of files in secure containers
  • Secure data transmission via TLS / SSL
  • FTP- Infrastructure (File Transfer Protocol)


With the help of MobiVisor and its additional functions, you can guarantee that your company data will be handled more carefully and safely. With MobiVisor you are also covered in the event of a loss.

  • Delete devices remotely
  • Securing of the entire network communication via SSL/TLS
  • Role-based access control for admins and team leaders
  • Storage of app data in encrypted local storage areas
  • General and custom VPN integration


Gather device and usage information of interest to you, then generate reports. In this way, you can optimize the use of your mobile devices in the company. 

  • Graphical statistics on battery, memory, RAM and CPU usage and much more
  • Individual dashboards
  • Set logs
  • Export function
  • Evaluation for all as well as individual devices


MobiVisor can restrict the functions of mobile devices according to your company guidelines. These policies can be applied to individual users, groups or all devices. In addition, the guidelines can be linked to conditions such as time, location of network (SSID).

  • Hardware guidelines such as camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, flight mode and many more
  • Software guidelines such as background images, password guidelines, screenshots and much more
  • App guidelines such as app blacklists and whitelists, email configurations and much more
  • Internet policies such as Wi-Fi blacklists/whitelists or Wi-Fi configurations


MobiVisor can automatically send notifications or take actions if a predefined violation is detected. Alternatively, the device can also be locked completely.

  • Rooting completely
  • Remove/Replace the SIM Card
  • App installation or deinstallation based on the blacklists or whitelists.
  • Deactivation of the MDM Profile
  • Exceeding of GSM data, message or call quota


With the MobiVisor Messenger, all network communication can be handled in a secure infrastructure.

  • Send messages, locations, pictures, videos, and files securely
  • Can be used as an app or via the web
  • Chat in groups
  • Distribution of roles and authorizations
  • Data protection-compliant communication guaranteed
  • SSL / TLS encryption

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