MobiVisor Messaging

One messenger - for the entire company.

MobiVisor Messaging is a secure and encrypted messenger application that makes WhatsApp superfluous in the work area. The app offers all the basic functions of a messenger and beyond, with all network communication in the messenger being handled via a secure infrastructure that is encrypted with SSL / TLS.

In addition, all application data is stored in encrypted local storage areas. Of course, users can send messages to each other in a secure and encrypted manner. This can be done 1:1, but groups can also be created within the application and thus mass messages can be sent. The messaging application allows users to send files (images, documents, audio files, etc.) in encrypted form.

What can MobiVisor Messaging do?

Mobile Application Management

  • EMM Integration
MobiVisor Messaging is available as a stand-alone application that can also be fully integrated into our Enterprise Mobility Management solution. The messenger app can be configured company-wide without any problems and ensures the implementation of internal security guidelines for mobile devices.

  • Data Archiving
The data of the users of a company can be archived via the admin portal. The user chats are saved in the device database. Archiving can be done for specific periods and user groups. The archive is only accessible to authorized persons.

  • Automated Setup
The entire registration and rollout process is fully automated, without the need for user actions or support.

  • Limitations
Certain rules can be set for all users that prevent the distribution of messages via copy & paste or the sending of further content (such as images, videos, files, etc.). The restrictions can be set individually for users and groups via the admin portal. MobiVisor Messaging was developed exclusively for internal company communication.

  • User Management
If a new employee is hired or an old employee leaves the company, access can easily be granted or blocked by the administrator.

  • Data Loss Prevention
If an employee loses his or her device or it is stolen, sensitive data can become public. Therefore, in such scenarios, all data and content of MobiVisor Messaging can be deleted remotely.


  • Admin Portal
All users of the messenger can be managed centrally via an online portal. The administrator can block, unblock and invite users there, as well as view user activity. The administrator can send notifications (e.g. in the form of push messages) to all devices registered in the system via the device network.

  • Filters and Bulk Operations
As the number of users increases, so does the work for administrators, because tasks often have to be carried out several times. MobiVisor Messaging has filters and bulk operations to simplify user management.

  • Whitelisting of Users
Selected users, teams and business areas can be activated for MobiVisor Messaging. This allows the company-wide use of the messenger to be controlled and it is ensured that only authorized employees have access to the app.


  • Private Cloud of On-premise
MobiVisor Messaging is the right solution regardless of which IT infrastructure is available. MobiVisor Messaging can be hosted in our German cloud, on-premise or in a private cloud. The range of functions is not influenced by the type of hosting.

  • Scalability
MobiVisor Messaging guarantees maximum scalability and reliability for companies of all sizes. Therefore the messenger is suitable for small businesses as well as for very large companies.

  • Security Guidelines
In MobiVisor Messaging, our strict company-wide security guidelines are applied to prevent unauthorized access to the infrastructure, systems and data centers.

  • Activity Logs
MobiVisor Messaging offers professional revision protocols. These logs record a chronological log of all activities that are relevant for security, data protection, compliance and administration.

  • Bundling of Users
Employees can be assigned to certain closed areas via the administration portal (e.g. marketing, accounting, sales, etc.). This enables IOTIQ to restrict the exchange of confidential content and avoid data leaks.

Data Protection

  • Data Protection Laws
MobiVisor Messaging is the product of IOTIQ GmbH with headquarters in Leipzig. All data and content are stored exclusively on German servers. Alternatively, the messenger can also be installed on-premise.

  • Integration and Connection
All interfaces and APIs were developed in MobiVisor Messaging itself. This can prevent uncontrolled data outflows to third-party providers.

  • Data Avoidance
As little data as possible is used to operate the messenger. Extension to the MobiVisor-MDM, no additional data have to be given.


  • GDPR compliant
MobiVisor Messaging is a data protection compliant messenger for companies and authorities. The data traffic takes place anonymously without telephone numbers and without telephone book data. The data processing takes place in accordance with the GDPR, whereby the protection of personal data is of particular importance. In addition, companies have the option of configuring organization-wide guidelines for accessing and exchanging data with the messenger. In contrast to conventional messengers, you can be sure that your company data is safe when using MobiVisor Messaging.

  • That is why WhatsApp is not enough
WhatsApp messages are backed up in the user's cloud (if the user accepts). What are the locations of the servers? WhatsApp belongs to Facebook. Therefore, the servers are also owned by Facebook. WhatsApp is designed for end users. Future functions can violate company guidelines. The same applies to WhatsApp Business.

How does end-to-end encryption work?

Detailed information on encryption and functionality can be downloaded here for free!