MobiVisor Files: Our File Manager

File exchange has never been so easy and secure

MobiVisor Files is a file manager optimized for businesses. Saving, managing and exchanging internal company files is easy with our file manager.

With the MobiVisor Files you can share company content with your employees and let your employees access your company content from anywhere and at any time. Files are stored encrypted in secure areas. Access to other applications can be completely disabled.

What can MobiVisor Files do?

Special Features

  • Secure Data Management
The data manager opens the files within the application. In addition, the application can be restricted so that the files cannot be shared with other applications. So if there is a sensitive file that should not be shared via email or WhatsApp, MobiVisor Files can restrict this file by opening the file it contains and deactivating the sharing function.

  • Local Data Storage
The files are stored on the company computer, so they are not shared with a third party.

  • Data-base Integration
The integration of users and groups and their management is essential, especially for large companies. That is why databases (e.g. Active Directory) can be easily integrated into the system. This means that existing structures are retained. For example, if a user in an Active Directory group wants to share a file in his or her group, this is easily possible. All other users in the group can then edit the file.


  • Private Cloud or On-premise
MobiVisor Files is the right solution regardless of which IT infrastructure is available. The file manager can be hosted in our German cloud, on premise or in a private cloud. The range of functions is not influenced by the type of hosting. On premise installations use the storage space that is provided on the servers.

  • Scalability
MobiVisor Files guarantees maximum scalability and reliability for companies of all sizes. Therefore, the file sharing service is suitable for both small and very large companies.

  • Security Guidelines
Our strict company-wide security guidelines are applied in the file manager to prevent unauthorized access to the infrastructure, systems and data centers.

Data Protection

  • Data Protection Consent
MobiVisor Files is the product of IOTIQ GmbH with headquarters in Leipzig. All data and content are stored exclusively on German servers.

  • Integration and Connection
All interfaces and APIs to third-party providers were developed in MobiVisor Files itself. This can prevent uncontrolled data outflows.

  • Data Avoidance
As little data as possible is used to operate the file manager. As an extension to the MobiVisor MDM, no additional data has to be given.

Technical Specifications

Every data transfer is established in the MobiVisor Files via TLS. TLS certificates and settings have the latest security options.

MobiVisor Files received A +, the highest rating in the Qualys SSL Labs test (SSL server test). Data transfer is carried out securely with TLS / SSL and cannot be seen or changed during the transfer. Content management is supported by the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) infrastructure.