MobiVisor per-App-VPN

MobiVisor MDM and MobiVisor VPN - unconsciously protected, work from anywhere.

Unconsciously protected

Smartphones, tablets and MacBooks with access to a companies’ email accounts, services or data are vulnerable to data leaks. Since May 2018, this can result in a fine of €20 million or 4% of turnover under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

In turn, the workspace is increasingly shifting from the office to mobile workplaces, coworking spaces or the home office.

With MobiVisor MDM in combination with VPN, you can protect and manage all corporate devices such as smartphones, tablets or Macs running iOS and Android in these environments in particular. With the help of encrypted connections, while being easy to use, you make working from anywhere secure and therefore possible.

Application Protection

Encrypted traffic to prevent interception of emails and online communications.

Device Protection

Protects mobile devices from ransomware and malicious content.

Browser Protection

Proactively prevents end users from visiting malicious websites or phishing sites.

Low System Load

Advanced ultra-light technology for low system load and high performance.

How MobiVisor VPN works:

The MobiVisor VPN encrypts your employees Internet traffic in real time. When a mobile device leaves the secure corporate WLAN, it establishes an encrypted connection to the corporate servers (called a tunnel) and is protected in insecure/open WLANs.


The special feature of MobiVisor VPN is that you as the company specify which data traffic should run over VPN. You define exactly those apps and Internet domains that are worth protecting for your company. When a defined app or domain is accessed, the VPN connection activates automatically and your data is protected.


The difference to traditional VPN

VPNs are mostly offered as a whole-device VPN, which means you can't define which apps or domains should run via VPN. As a result, all traffic from a device runs via VPN. Should you use multiple devices, the traffic adds up, which can cause unwanted server congestion and performance issues. Save your resources and therefore use our per-app VPN.


Lightning-fast setup

The MDM portal makes the MobiVisor VPN configuration which can be remotely deployed to all mobile devices. This saves you from annoying travel and transport. Need help with setup? If required, you can get free support from our staff.

Once the configuration has arrived on the devices, no further steps need to be taken. The device is protected immediately.


Home office for everyone!

Thanks to simple pre-configuration of the MobiVisor VPN, there is no need for any more complicated steps on the device. This makes our solution suitable for all users, regardless of their previous technical knowledge. We make home office possible for everyone. What are you waiting for?

How does Per-App-VPN work?

Detailed information on setup and functionality can be downloaded here for free!

Convince yourself and test MobiVisor MDM with VPN for 30 days free of charge.