Make Your Own Digital Recycling System


Due to the pandemic, we had to stay in our homes and work remotely. For this reason, the attention of companies on mobile devices increased more and more and as we all know, mobile devices became even more of an indispensable part of people's work and daily lives. Nevertheless, according to a survey of the Institute for Management and Economic Research, it has been revealed that companies use mobile devices often only for two years.

But what should companies do with their old mobile devices? How do large companies deal with their electronic equipment and computers that are still usable? Many have answered this question with a recycling system, reusing or refurbishing old devices. Other companies choose to donate their old devices to a school or nonprofit organization or return their “e-scrap” to the manufacturer or retailer. The Electronics Takeback Coalition, for example, also features plenty of take-back programs.

Meanwhile, 40 percent of companies with 100 or more employees have a so-called refurbishment concept. Thanks to this, companies prefer second-hand devices when purchasing new ones. To make it clear, reusing is basically about using an (old) object as it is without treatment. However, the refurbishment process refers to the improvement by cleaning and re-equipping an object so that it can be in a useable condition again.


What does the MDM system have to do with this condition?


Mobile Device Management systems can be beneficial for making enterprise mobility more sustainable; an MDM system can provide you with a recycling process for your mobile devices. If your employee uses their own mobile device (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device) for work, an MDM gives you the management of the work related information. Employers can configure the 'Work Profile' of the BYOD device and send work related information to the 'Work Profile'. The MDM gives the option to wipe all company related data from the device when the employees are no longer part of the company.

Then if the mobile device belongs to the company, all information of the old user can be wiped out of the mobile device so that a profile of the new user is created. The device is returned to its factory settings, the new user information is registered, and the device is ready to operationalize for the new user.

MobiVisor is a superb example for the digital recycling process of mobile devices. Even though a mobile device is returned to its factory settings, enrollment to MobiVisor will be done automatically thanks to Zero Touch and Apple DEP. After having registered the necessary information to Zero Touch and Apple DEP, the installation of MobiVisor will start as soon as it is connected to a Wifi connection.

MobiVisor provides you with a beneficial and efficient way to improve your own digital recycling process, not only sustaining your mobile devices’ shelf-life, but also affecting your budget in an economic way.

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