A Service You Don’t Think You Need: Meet MobiVisor

Mobile device management

One of the terms that started to come to the fore with the increase in the use of smart devices is Mobile Device Management. We may not be aware of the advantages an MDM can have.  In fact, companies are in need of a mobile device management solution but are not aware of the existence of such a service.


Mobile Device Management can be expressed as managing hundreds of devices with a single solution; keeping the corporate devices safe.


With the increase of working-from-home situations, it is not always easy to manage all corporate devices when we come face to face with device problems. The increasing incidence of data leaks is of particular concern to large companies. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of attention given to mobile device security. For this reason, keeping the security of mobile devices up-to-date has become even more important.


With the developing technology and unforeseen developments such as the pandemic, the use of technology and the habits in the office have left their place to new ones. The files that we used to store physically have been replaced by digital files, and meetings that are held physically together have become accessible from any environment. However, although being able to access the information we need in the office from anywhere increases efficiency, accessing sensitive information so easily has made it difficult to keep the information secure. The Mobile Device Management system is basically managing a whole fleet of mobile devices from a single platform.


What is Mobile Device Management?


We can define Mobile Device Management as IT teams remotely controlling and securing not only smartphones or laptops but all corporate devices of all employees. The term is defined by the corporate use of mobile devices where businesses are required to both enable effective mobile device use and protect vital data from unapproved access. Mobile Device Management is the solution that allows you to allow or deny network access of a device based on certain criteria. It provides you with detailed device information, hardware inventory, and a list of installed applications. The main feature of the MDM system is to manage devices and support users. We can remotely reset passwords, lock or delete devices. Mobile device management helps secure a corporate network while enabling users to use mobile devices more efficiently.


As corporate companies started to provide mobile devices to their employees, some hesitations about data and device security emerged. So, how effectively are these corporate devices managed?


When it comes to companies, big or small, the IT department has a very crucial role. Nowadays, with the fact that everything is done through mobile devices, mobile device management has become more important than before.  An effective mobile device management system should have the key factors listed below:


- Device Information

- Time Saving

- Efficiency Improvement

- Increased Productivity

- Efficient App Management


And these are not the only features an MDM can have. So we would like to introduce you to our MDM solution: MobiVisor.


With an effective mobile device management, you can perform the situations listed below:


- Your data can be protected.

- Institutional correspondence and e-mails can be protected.

- Documents containing sensitive information are kept safe.

- Devices can be remotely locked in case of loss or theft.

- Access may be blocked if SIM cards are inserted into another device.


One of the most important features of MobiVisor, including many different and extra features compared to its competitors, is that it is customizable. You can customize MobiVisor based on your needs. Also, you can manage and keep secure devices with MobiVisor in 10 steps:


1. You will have the device details.

2. You can control the applications.

3. Easy access to the locations.

4. Remote IT assistance.

5. You can define specific policies for devices.

6. Reporting and Logs.

7. You can manage the content.

8. You can restrict unsuitable actions.

9. You can specify possible violations.

10. You can ensure corporate data safety.


MobiVisor is a German MDM solution, offering not only regular MDM solutions but more. With its extended features such as MobiVisor Messenger, MobiVisor Files, MobiVisor SecureMail and Per-App-VPN you can securely communicate with a secure infrastructure.

If you would like to learn more about our MDM solution MobiVisor, stay tuned for the rest of this series called Meet MobiVisor. You can also click here to check out our product website!


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