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Why you should consider an MDM now

How can an MDM help you implement the GDPR?

Safe communication in companies with MDM

Learn how an MDM helps you to establish a safe communication structure in your company

Using an MDM to manage mobile devices

How does an MDM help you with the management of mobile company devices

Mobile Device Management vs. Mobile Security App

Does an app on your smartphone suffice to secure your device? Read now if that is indeed the case!

Data security in Data Mining via MDM

How can an MDM help to secure the data in data mining?

Troubleshooting for Mobile Devices with an MDM

How can you prevent and solve troubles on mobile devices?

Risk management with the help of an MDM

Learn how an MDM can help you avert IT security risks.

Employee Satisfaction with MDM

Learn how an MDM helps with employee satisfaction

Discover the many possibilities in which MobiVisor can be helpful in your company! Our Use Cases can deliver many interesting ideas for the use of a MDM in your case.


Learn how MobiVisor helps schools provide apps and teaching materials for students.

Facility Companies

Communication with the field service and rapid coordination are of particular importance. See how MobiVisor makes this possible.

Finance & Banking

Read how secure internal data transmission and remote work are possible with the MobiVisor extensions Secure Mail and per-App-VPN.


MobiVisor covers the overview of the devices, a fast communication structure, as well as the setting up of authorizations and restrictions on the use of the app.


Discover how MobiVisor makes work in the warehouse more efficient with the single-app mode.


Employees who have to laboriously search for goods in the warehouse by hand are a thing of the past - because MobiVisor provides the infrastructure for effective work apps.

Are you interested in more details about our MobiVisor products? Learn everything you need to know to implement MobiVisor MDM and its extensions in our data sheets.

MobiAdmin App

Learn how to set up and use our app to administer the MobiVisor app

MobiVisor Secure Mail

A secure email application for your business is important. Learn how Secure Mail can help you secure corporate emails.

MobiVisor Messenger

Chat easily, quickly and securely! Learn all about our application for securing corporate communication.

MobiVisor Files

Important data and files need to be secure. Prevent misuse or theft of company documents with our secure infrastructure.

If you want to show MobiVisor in your office or are interested in more information in a compact form, our customer presentation is for you!

What is MobiVisor?

Find out everything about MobiVisor at a glance!


An MDM, such as MobiVisor MDM, is designed to manage mobile enterprise devices. Accordingly, it can be installed on all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You want to purchase new devices and don't know exactly which ones to choose? MobiVisor MDM recommends:

The All-Rounders


iPhone / iPad

  • Are preferred by some companies due to the operating system and extensive apps.
  • Are not very error-prone and offer regular patch-ups and updates, even after many years.
  • Have their own high standards in terms of data protection and encryption.
  • Quick enrollment and central app distribution via Apple DEP and VPP.

Samsung Devices

From Android 5

  • Are robust, durable and offer the most comprehensive features in terms of an MDM.
  • Include remote support via real-time video with ability to control the devices. A real benefit in the field!
  • Both tablets and cell phones.
  • Samsung also offers dedicated business devices.
  • Quick enrollment via Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME).

Our price-performance recommendation

Motorola Devices

From Android 5

  • Offer inexpensive entry-level devices that are easy to operate even without prior knowledge.
  • Durable, robust devices.
  • Have a very clean Android operating system, which has hardly been changed by the manufacturer. This is an advantage, since devices and restrictions work as specified by Android.
  • Even if MobiVisor is a management software we care about your hardware as well. Especially for outdoor use we recommend more robust devices.

Our recommendation

In addition to the highest resistance to external influences, other factors such as handling, ergonomics, display quality, battery life and above all the highest availability are important.

They are used e.g. in

  • logistics and warehouses of trade
  • industrial companies 
  • transport services and forwarding agencies
  • ticketing of German and international railroad companies
  • parking space managers 
  • public services.

The robust companion

Samsung xCover

From Android 5

  • Suitable for outdoor use, hospitals or industry.
  • Robust, waterproof, dustproof.
  • High battery life for a long day.
  • You benefit from Samsung features (more functions, easy enrollment via KME and optimal remote support).

Cat Smartphones

From Android 5

  • Optimized for use on construction sites.
  • Robust, waterproof, dustproof.
  • High battery life for a long day.
  • Laser assisted distance measurement.
  • Integrated thermal imaging camera.

Our scanner recommendation

Newland Scanner

From Android 5

  • Stationary scanners as PoS terminals for the retail trade.
  • Mobile scanners and tablets for logistics and industry.
  • Robust, waterproof, dustproof.
  • Laser assisted distance measurement.
  • Integrated scanner unit.

Not found what you were looking for? Check out Androids recommended list of all Android Enterprise Recommended Devices and choose the one that best fits your business and needs.


Related to software, the first things that come to mind are data security and hosting. Where is my data stored and is it stored securely? Who has access to it? With whom is my data shared? We can answer these questions with a clear conscience.

Our MDM software, MobiVisor, is developed and hosted in Germany. Thus, it is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). (Here a link on GDPR, directing to the Information Brochure about data protection), which is the strictest data protection worldwide. With the implementation of MobiVisor you can be sure that your data is not stored on any server abroad.

MobiVisor MDM guarantees:

Privacy by design - every feature of our software is created with the protection of your data in mind. We only store as little as needed, for you to work effectively.

Server located in Germany - this ensures faster support when technical issues occur and protection against data theft.

Security of your data - the software as well as all your data never leave Germany and won’t be shared with third parties.

Below you can find all answers regarding data protection with MobiVisor.

Where is the difference between data protection in the US and the EU?

Within the EU, data protection is generally and widely regulated, whereas in the US many data protection measures are only voluntary self-exclamations of individual companies.

The exact laws and regulations in the US regarding data protection are very confusing if you are not familiar with them, as they differ from industry to industry. It is much more reliable to have a law that is binding for all companies, regardless of industry.

My current MDM belongs to the privacy shield. Isn't this enough?

Companies that belong to the privacy shield in the US take responsibility to set up stricter data protection measures. Still the EU decided that this is not sufficient when it comes to the protection of data. Also, you should be aware that US safety agencies always have access to the data stored in the US. Even a company belonging to Privacy Shield cannot change that.

If you have any questions related to this topic, we are happy to advise you!

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