Troubleshooting with MDM for mobile devices

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Mobile devices have become increasingly complex over the years. They are increasingly suited to the requirements of modern working environments and can take over many tasks that used to be done with pen and paper.
However, high complexity also leads to increased susceptibility to errors. Here, companies that use a mobile device management system (MDM) have a clear advantage. We show you how troubleshooting with MDM works.


Prevent Troubleshooting alltogether - with the KIOSK Mode


The KIOSK mode restricts the device's basic user interface. This means that there are only a few apps on the device that are relevant for work, for example. KIOSK mode also prevents the user from changing the basic settings of the device.
User errors are one of the most frequent reasons why an admin is contacted in the company. Troubleshooting, i.e. first finding out whether the device is actually faulty or whether the user has made a mistake, takes a lot of time.
If there really is an operating error, it can be difficult to explain it and ensure that the user does not repeat the mistake.

If a KIOSK mode is activated in advance via MDM, certain errors can already be avoided.
But the KIOSK mode is also used for direct troubleshooting: if a setting is changed in this mode, it is only available in KIOSK mode.
If the KIOSK mode is removed, the faulty setting is also removed again.
An example: In the KIOSK mode, the basic access to system settings of the device can remain allowed, e.g. so that employees can select a WiFi etc.. However, this also means that mistakes sometimes happen here. For example, once instead of simply turning off the WLAN, flight mode was activated. The device was effectively no longer accessible and thus usable.
Troubleshooting with MDM was now quite simple: the KIOSK mode was canceled and the flight mode removed. Afterwards, the KIOSK mode could simply be reactivated and the device could be used again.

Troubleshooting with MDM - is it also usable from afar?


The answer to this is clearly  yes! Remote maintenance (or remote support) is one of the most important functions of an MDM.
Office employees are not the only ones working from home, but also their MDM administrators might be. With an MDM they can solve problems without being physically present in the office. This saves time immensely, as there is no need for the employee to make an extra trip to the office or send the device to the admin. Also, the admin doesn't have to travel to the employees or issue a replacement device.

There are also cases where employees are working on several different locations,  especially if they work in nursing, home care or construction. This makes it harder, if not downright impossible, for the admin to reach them.
Instead, if errors occur, the admin has several options for troubleshooting with MDM:
First, the interface of the affected device can be accessed via 'Remote Support' function. In the case of Samsung devices, it is even possible to execute commands directly via buttons in the MDM console. This way, the admin can get a clearer picture of the situation and better assess what needs to be done. Sometimes it is enough to give the employee a hint on the correct operation.

In an MDM, it is possible to specify which actions on the device are considered a violation of the privacy policy ('violations'). This can be, for example, an attempt to reset the device to remove the MDM. The MDM reports, for example by mail to the admin, when such a breach occurs.
The admin could then contact the employee directly or, if a quick solution is needed, the device can be blocked directly.

Of course, there are also moments when all attempts more or less fail. For example, if an app is installed that is not compatible, it can happen that the device is literally stops working. Since an MDM does not operate directly with the apps, such an error cannot be fixed in the app itself. Sometimes, however, it already helps if the app is uninstalled via MDM. If all else is unsuccessful, the device can be remotely reset by the admin and then reconnected to the MDM.

Avoid the internet as a potential source of danger


We have often reported on the dangers posed by cyberattacks on our blog.
The best way to prevent errors and thus troubleshooting with MDM is prevention: secure Internet connections are the be-all and end-all for work in digitalized companies. On the one hand, MDM can be used to specify secure WLAN connections that employees can use to connect.
On the other hand, a per-app VPN can also be set up. The advantage of a VPN is, of course, that the identity behind the mobile device is concealed. It is virtually impossible for attackers to access the data traffic and to trace the origin of the data stream. Corporate data is thus secured. Get to know our MobiVisor per App VPN here.



The topic of troubleshooting is relevant for every company. The fact that troubleshooting can also be carried out with MDM and that it is not only used as a directory of mobile devices is still too unknown. But we hope that in this article we were able to give you an insight into the many possibilities you have with an MDM.

Would you like to know more about troubleshooting with MDM? Read our free info paper!