Secure Data Management with MobiVisor: Protecting Your Business in the Mobile-Driven Landscape


In today's fast-paced business world, secure data management is more important than ever. With companies increasingly relying on mobile devices to manage and share sensitive information, the risk of data breaches is higher than ever before. However, with the help of MobiVisor, businesses can take control of their data management and protect their valuable assets from unauthorized access. 


Secure Data Management: MobiVisor Files 


MobiVisor Files is a secure data management system designed specifically for businesses. With the help of this tool, companies can easily manage, save and share internal files without any security breaches since the files are stored in encrypted and secure areas, preventing unauthorized access. Also, the tool offers the service of disabling access to other applications or even restricting file sharing. 


The MobiVisor Files extension also has the features of local data storage, scalable infrastructure suitable for companies of all sizes and data-base integration. It also adheres to strict security guidelines to prevent unauthorized access to systems and data centers. 


The product operates on TLS with the latest security options, with all data and content stored exclusively on German servers. It also received an A+ rating in the Qualys SSL Labs test. The file transfer protocol (FTP) infrastructure supports content management, and all interfaces and APIs are developed in-house to prevent data outflows.


MobiVisor Per-App-VPN: Unconsciously Protected


Smartphones, tablets, and MacBooks accessing a company's email accounts and services are vulnerable to data leaks, which can result in hefty fines under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. With MobiVisor per-app-VPN extension, you can protect and manage corporate devices, including smartphones, tablets, and Macs running iOS and Android, and provide secure data management. MobiVisor per-app VPN offers encrypted traffic, device protection against ransomware, browser protection against malicious websites, and low system load for high performance. The MDM portal allows for a lightning-fast setup, and with simple pre-configuration, MobiVisor VPN is suitable for users of all technical levels, making home office possible for everyone.


How Does It Work?


MobiVisor per-app-VPN works by encrypting your employees' internet traffic in real-time. When a mobile device leaves the secure corporate WLAN, it establishes an encrypted connection to the corporate servers (called a tunnel) and is protected in insecure/open WiFi networks.


As a company, you can specify which data traffic should run over the VPN. You define exactly those apps and internet domains that are worth protecting for your company. When a defined app or domain is accessed, the VPN connection activates automatically, and your data is protected. Traditional VPNs mostly offer a whole-device VPN, which means all traffic from a device runs via VPN, and you cannot define which apps or domains should run via VPN. This can cause unwanted server congestion and performance issues, especially if you use multiple devices. MobiVisor VPN's per-app VPN feature allows you to save your resources and secure data management. 


The MDM portal makes the MobiVisor per-app-VPN configuration lightning-fast and remotely deployable to all mobile devices. Once the configuration has arrived on the devices, no further steps need to be taken, and the device is protected immediately. This makes MobiVisor’s VPN extension suitable for all users, regardless of their technical knowledge.


Mobile work environments, which allow companies to work outside the office, provide a significant advantage for businesses. However, in addition to this advantage, it also raises serious concerns about the security of mobile devices. MobiVisor’s extensions provide the solutions needed in today's IT world where technology is developing rapidly, ensuring the secure data management for all mobile devices of businesses and preventing data leaks.

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