MobiVisor Secure Messaging: A Good Choice for Your Corporate Communications


With the advancement of technology, the risks we face every day have also taken a new form. Our production, information exchange and communication both in personal and working life have become more open to cyber threats. Therefore, more than anything else, we need software services that prioritize secure messaging, process our data securely and that make it possible to use all kinds of communication tools without any doubt. MobiVisor tools not only offer you secure mobile device management, but also make your life easier by offering extensions to protect your device from cyber threats. 


Meet Secure Messaging: MobiVisor Messaging


MobiVisor Messaging is a messaging application that provides secure messaging services in the workspace. All network communication in MobiVisor Messaging, which offers a more secure and encrypted alternative to applications with security vulnerabilities, especially WhatsApp, is carried out over a secure infrastructure encrypted with SSL / TLS.


All application data on MobiVisor Messaging is stored in encrypted local storage areas and the processing of this data takes place in accordance with the GDPR, where the protection of personal data is particularly important and provides secure messaging


What else does MobiVisor Messaging do?


EMM Integration: MobiVisor Messaging can be integrated into Enterprise Mobility Management solutions. With this, you can use MobiVisor Messaging as the only messaging application in the company without any security issues. 

Data Archiving: With this feature, you can archive the data of the users of your company and it can only be accessible to authorized persons. 

Automated Setup: The entire registration and rollout process is fully automated and thanks to this feature, not a single user action or support is needed. 

Limitations: During messaging, you can set various rules to prevent copying and pasting of messages and sharing of content such as images or files. You can set these restrictions directly for users or groups.

User Management: You can easily grant access or block someone from accessing the system. This feature can be really useful especially during onboarding and offboarding processes. 

Data Loss Prevention: If employees lose their devices or the devices are stolen, the security of the data inside is also compromised. With the data loss prevention feature of MobiVisor Messenger, all data of the device can be deleted remotely.


Mailing was never safer: MobiVisor Secure Exchange


Mailing is a professional communication tool that we often use in our business life. Therefore, we expect it to be both secure and efficient. Sharing company data with other employees, communicating over this data contains information that should never be open to the outside. However, although the ideal is to use a secure mail tool, unfortunately even the most reliable applications such as Outlook and Gmail have security vulnerabilities. MobiVisor Secure Exchange offers both secure messaging and the efficient mailing service you are looking for for your employees. 


MobiVisor Secure Exchange  extension is a service that provides additional security features for email communication. The process of integrating the email service with Secure Mail is quite straightforward. It only requires users to subscribe with their email address and password. Administrators can also facilitate this process and apply security guidelines centrally. Once registered, users can use their email service as usual while benefiting from additional security and customization options. It is that simple!


MobiVisor Secure Exchange's features include the use of Pop3 and IMAP for email reception and sending, the application's ability to open attachments within the application itself (preventing sharing with other apps), and the option for administrators to be notified of security breaches such as screenshots being taken of attachments. If purchased as an extension to MobiVisor's core MDM, the installation process can be largely automated and implemented remotely.


With the increasing cyber threats, it is essential to have reliable and secure mobile management software that prioritizes data security and protects against vulnerabilities. MobiVisor Extensions offer a comprehensive solution to ensure the secure messaging for your mobile devices. By choosing MobiVisor Extensions, you can enjoy a secure and efficient mobile experience without any compromise on your data privacy.