Enrolling Devices as Company Owned Work Profile – A Game Changer for Companies


Welcome to the streamlined world of Company Owned Work Profiles (CO-WP), where the hassle of carrying multiple devices becomes a thing of the past, and the blending of personal and professional lives on a single device is managed with precision and security. CO-WP not only simplifies technology usage for employees but also ensures a strict separation between personal and professional data, offering a perfect solution for today’s dynamic work environments.  In this article, you will read about the strategic benefits and implementation insights of Company-Owned Work Profiles (CO-WP), and how CO-WP offers a more secure and manageable solution for modern businesses.

Benefits of Company Owned Work Profile 


Implementing a CO-WP is as straightforward as it is beneficial. Organizations that adopt this system have to use a robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform such as MobiVisor. This technology acts like the central nervous system of device management, ensuring that all professional applications and data are securely encapsulated within the work profile. It's like having a vault within a smartphone, where all work-related matters are kept secure and distinct from personal life.


MobiVisor’s role extends beyond just compartmentalization. It manages everything from application installation to network settings within the work profile, ensuring that data security is uncompromised. MobiVisor’s capabilities are crucial to the effectiveness of company owned work profiles. Beyond simply creating a partition between work and personal apps, MobiVisor allows administrators to remotely configure, manage, and secure mobile devices. This includes pushing updates to devices, enforcing security policies, and even remotely wiping company data if a device is lost or stolen, ensuring that sensitive information remains under control regardless of the device's physical location.


While the focus of MobiVisor is predominantly on the work profile, it doesn’t completely ignore the personal side. The platform can enforce general device policies such as password requirements and encryption that span across the entire device. This ensures that even the personal segments of the device benefit from heightened security measures, making the entire device safer and more robust against potential threats.

How to Implement Company Owned Work Profile in Your Company?


Implementing Company-Owned Work Profiles within your organization is straightforward. When enrolling an Android device, simply select the option 'Use for Work and Private.' This action automatically creates a work profile alongside the personal profile, organizing and separating professional apps and data from personal ones seamlessly on the same device.


Employees will then be able to view and manage both work and private profiles on their single device, enjoying the benefits of both without the need for multiple devices. How? Company-Owned Work Profiles (CO-WP) offer significant advantages over the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach by providing unified device management, which allows employees to use one device for both personal and professional purposes. CO-WP also ensures a clear separation between personal and work data, enhancing both security and privacy, and allows companies to enforce specific policies on the work profile—like security measures and app restrictions—that are more challenging to enforce on personal profiles.


Unlike BYOD, where employees use their personal devices for work, CO-WP gives companies full control over the devices, which remain company property and are managed according to organizational standards. Furthermore, the MDM client used in CO-WP cannot be removed by the user, ensuring persistent management and security, making it a superior choice for organizations prioritizing comprehensive control and reduced risks.

Adopting Company Owned Work Profiles (COWP) brings numerous advantages!


Managing one device with two distinct profiles reduces complexity for IT departments and users alike. It's a win-win situation where employees enjoy the convenience and IT enjoys easier management. Also, with Company owned work profiles, sensitive company data is safeguarded with advanced security protocols, minimizing the risks of data leaks and breaches. It can be said that CO-WP helps in adhering to stringent compliance requirements, safeguarding not only data but also the company’s reputation and legal standing.


Who Should Consider COWP?


Who should consider CO-WP? Any organization that prioritizes data security, seeks to streamline operations, or aims to reduce the physical and administrative burden of managing multiple devices per employee. From tech startups to established financial institutions, adopting a CO-WP can significantly boost operational efficiency and data security.


Two profiles on one device are especially advantageous for:


Companies needing high-quality work devices: Organizations that require robust, high-performance devices find CO-WP ideal for ensuring these devices are used effectively and securely.

Benefits-oriented companies: Offering a top-tier smartphone as part of employment benefits becomes more feasible and attractive with CO-WP.

Mobile workforces: For companies with employees who are often out of the office, CO-WP helps keep their work accessible and secure, no matter where they are.


However, CO-WP might not be suitable for environments requiring all-encompassing security measures, such as hospitals or insurance companies, where the need for extreme data protection and privacy regulations makes a more controlled and restrictive device policy necessary.


In conclusion, the implementation of Company-Owned Work Profiles is akin to hitting two birds with one smartphone—achieving optimal operational efficiency and maximum data security. As the professional world continues to evolve, CO-WP stands out as a smart, scalable solution that caters to the multifaceted needs of modern businesses.

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