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Do you use your tablet or cell phone for both personal and business needs? What about company devices? If you use your mobile devices to check your work email and do most of your internal and personal messaging, you should look for a solution that helps you keep all data safe. A simple MDM like MobiVisor might be just the thing for you!

With the transition to remote working conditions, many companies and employees' workspaces have changed. The equipment used while working has also become more mobile and portable. As such, the security of issues such as data transfer between devices and remote connection to company networks has come into question.

A simple MDM helps you avoid risks and increase security


Companies now need some kind of strategy for how data is used and processed. They have to plan and organize who has access to company data, who will do what, when and how. Because data is closer to cyber-attacks than ever before with digitalization and related remote working.

Of course security measures are often decreasing the comfort and freedom when using mobile devices. Often they are also perceived as very complicated and tedious. But that is in fact not always the case. The security of mobile devices can be as easy as it gets: With a simple MDM like MobiVisor.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) eliminates the risk of unprotected devices falling victim to a data breach or ransomware. MDM, which allows companies to easily manage the security and health of all employee devices, stands in a very important and equal place for both CEOs and employees. Because these risks can occur wherever mobile devices are used.
Usually the administrator in a company is the only one really aware of the dangers of security breaches. And it can be hard to convince the CEO or the Employees to accept the MDM. Let us make it clearer for you.

So why should a CEO use Mobile Device Management (MDM)?


In general with an MDM you can:

That means a convincing cybersecurity strategy can save a lot of money in the long run, since device health can be monitored closely, devices don't get lost or stolen and of course the admin saves hours and hours when they don’t need to control and enroll every device per hand. A simple MDM solution makes all this possible.

Is your CEO still not convinced? Ask them if they know how much money it can cost to actually lose company data, no matter if it was from the employees or the customers. Not to speak of a loss of prestige and trust.

Why should an employee use Mobile Device Management?


Often especially the employees are distrustful when it comes to MDM. They fear that they are spied upon or worse. But this is of course not the case. An MDM can only access device related information - but no messages, recordings or photos whatsoever.
Apart from that, the usage of a simple MDM solution like Mobivisor helps keep especially the BYOD Model safe and sound.

All in all there are different arguments for different parties in your company, in order for them to trust the MDM. Of course different features and functions are important to different persons. That’s why we can only advise you to come forward and contact the MDM seller of your choice in order to get clear information on what the MDM you are looking for can do or can’t do.

The benefits of Mobile Device Management (MDM) are countless. You can visit our website to learn more. Or tell us what you need and we will improve our service according to your requirements!

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