MobiVisor MDM in care

Diakonie is the social service of the Protestant churches: We’ve provided digital solutions for the Diakonie Berlin, as well as for the Diakoniestation Schöneberg. Read our example of how digitalisation in the care sector can be advanced with clever solutions.

Nursing is considered the largest occupational group in our health care system, with about 1.7 million employees working in nursing homes, but also in hospitals and other institutions.

The high demand for care workers alone shows the relevance of this occupational group for society as a whole. Carers not only provide inpatient care for people in need of help, but are often also on the road to offer care at home or help in the household. Digital work aids such as smartphones or tablets are becoming increasingly popular to make the work of caregivers easier, to make processes more efficient and to be able to process data securely.

Since 2019, Diakonie Berlin and Diakoniestation Schöneberg have been among our customers. Through the use of innovative solutions for digitalisation in care, the work here is immensely facilitated and modernised, because MobiVisor is used as MDM for patient visits on more than 500 smartphones and tablets.


MobiVisor in everyday work: advancing digitisation in care


Before using our software, the Diakonie faced a number of challenges. For example, a central requirement for the MDM was that sensitive patentee data be managed and protected securely. This includes, for example, prohibiting the use of social media and completely blocking apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram. All apps that are placed on the blocklist via MobiVisor can neither be downloaded nor opened in any other way. Logging into foreign Wi-Fi networks can also be prevented, thus ensuring that only a secure internet connection is used. This prevents data theft. In addition, if a device is lost, it can be locked. MobiVisor enables the Diakonie to use the devices in a DGSVO-compliant manner.


Another challenge was the confusion of carrying files and other documents. MobiVisor solves this problem by allowing important applications to be installed via a web application, such as .snap MDA, which allows nurses to receive their patients' appointments, files and medications directly on their service device. By using mobile devices, a lot of time can be saved because countless documents no longer have to be carried around. The user interface simplified by the KIOSK mode also only displays what is really needed on the devices. This reduces the susceptibility to errors and the nursing staff have a better orientation in their daily work.

All in all, MobiVisor represents a central management system for the Diakonie that manages the smartphones and tablets of the employees, including the installed applications. The devices can be set up with the software and apps can be installed or uninstalled as needed. This is especially helpful because many devices break in the course of everyday work, resulting in a high exchange of devices. Each new employee receives a ready-to-use device without much effort, and old devices can be replaced easily without annoying extra work.

The nursing service of the Diakonie in Berlin is very satisfied with their choice of MDM and particularly appreciates the simple user administration of MobiVisor without any security risk for patient data. Mobile Device Management is a big plus for digitisation in care!

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