Digitalization in social work: MDM for VIA Berlin

VIA Perspektiven gGmbH from Berlin is committed to helping people in times of illness and life crises. With expertise in assisted living, an office for occupational therapy as well as education, training and room rental, 600 employees are committed to an inclusive society.

True to the motto 'You are. We are.', the non-profit VIA GmbH stands for inclusion and participation. Every day, employees are out and about to support mentally impaired people in social spaces, in their personal environment and in private homes or VIA apartments. With locations in Berlin-Neukölln, Pankow and Treptow-Köpenick and several hundred employees, the company faced a major challenge: how can the many devices be managed centrally so that there is an overview at all times? How can employees be relieved of administrative burdens and given support? This is where our mobile device manager MobiVisor has come into play since May 2022, solving these and other questions for the company.


Digitalization in social work: mobile device management as an aid in daily work


For all institutions that work with their clients' personal data, data protection - for both clients and employees - is a priority. A major problem at VIA Berlin was the lack of an overview of the operating systems used and which version is on the mobile devices. The risk of security vulnerabilities arising from outdated operating systems, which in the worst case could jeopardize the entire network, was very high here. With the central recording of all devices used in the facility and their operating systems, preventive action can now be taken, as an update can be carried out centrally via the MDM.

MobiVisor not only provides all device information at a glance, but also allows operating system updates to be installed quickly. It is also possible to preventively eliminate various security risks by configuring settings on the devices. For example, various Wi-Fi configurations have been made to enable location-independent connectivity and additional password protection has been added. The iMessage app was also deactivated for data protection reasons. The more than 100 smartphones and tablets could be configured before they were unpacked, which saved an immense amount of time. This alone made it possible to advance digitalization in social work.

The experience is really very good. MobiVisor is very comprehensive, but not confusing. We were able to familiarize ourselves with the system very well. If there were any difficulties, they were resolved with your help. All in all, we are more than satisfied with the software.

Remote support and data protection


Another problem was troubleshooting remotely. Without centralized management of the devices, providing support for various locations in different Berlin districts was an extensive and time-consuming task. MobiVisor offers a solution here too: Devices can be viewed remotely and settings and apps can be edited. VIA gGmbH particularly appreciates the various configuration options such as Secure Exchange or the WLAN configurations. Secure Exchange provides a secure connection to an email server. The smooth remote app installations and distributions are also of great value.

On top of this, data protection was a major aspect for VIA gGmbH, as Apple iPads were used by several people at one location at the same time. The Shared iPad feature solved the problem - now data protection is no longer an obstacle. Several profiles can be set up on one device, where the users do not have access to each other's profiles.

For VIA gGmbH and its busy employees, MobiVisor represents a great relief in the digitalization of social work: be it the simple setup of the devices, the clarity of the software or the range of functions and possible extensions. The company also praises the excellent service quality, fast response times and our competent support staff. Thanks to MobiVisor, VIA gGmbH's own IT department is efficiently supported and a lot of time and energy is saved.

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