MDM Administration

The use of an MDM to manage your companies’ Android and iOS phones and tablets is a crucial requirement for all companies. Let us show you how MobiVisor makes device management easier than ever!

How Does MobiVisor Generally Work?

MobiVisor knows your requirements in regards to endpoint security, compliance to GDPR, as well as app distribution and management and turns them into an MDM product.

This Means You Can:

  • List all users and Android as well as iOS devices and keep track of them
  • Group them according to their permissions and requirements
  • Distribute, manage, block and allow Apps accordingly
  • Set up a secure infrastructure for internet connections, communication and file exchange
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How So?

MobiVisor MDM offers you two possibilities to govern your MDM: Your personal web console, including an individual domain name, and the MobiVisor Admin App.

Web Console

Includes all features and possibilities to manage your devices
Manage your devices from the PC or Laptop

Use The MobiVisor web console if you:

… have many devices registered and managed at once
… need to manage many different apps
… regularly change users and/ or devices
… use one or more MobiVisor expansion
… often use the remote support from your office

We recommend this for e.g.: Health institutions, cleaning
companies and bigger companies

MobiVisor Admin App

Limited features: only the Essentials to keep it lean
Manage the mobile devices from your smartphone or tablet

Use The MobiVisor Admın app ıf you:

… have less than 20 devices to manage
… don’t change apps often, or mostly use the KIOSK Mode
… rarely change devices and users
… don’t use remote support via shared screen
… use MobiVisor Standard without any expansion

We recommend this for e.g.: Health institutions, cleaning
companies and bigger companies

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A New Way to Govern your MDM

Now one might think that it is indeed necessary to manage all the mobile devices via a web console. However, it might be quite the opposite.

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Data Sheet

MobiVisor Admin App Datasheet

Learn everything you need to know about how to use the Admin App for your Mobivisor!

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Is the MobiVisor Admin App automatically included?

Of course the MobiVisor Admin App is included in every MobiVisor package you might buy. After purchasing a MobiVisor package, you will get your own, personal domain name and the admin login. You can either start setting up the MDM according to your needs in the web console and then switch to the app for maintenance once everything is ready to go. You can of course also add users directly in the app!

Either way: You always have both options to govern your MobiVisor MDM!

How do I get the MobiVisor Admin App?

As soon as you are registered as an administrator in the MDM you can simply download the app from the App Store or the Play Store. Since you need your admin login to activate the app, only you and trusted associates can get access to the app.

What if I don’t like the app?

If you don’t want to continue using the app and would rather switch back to the web console, you can simply do so - all data is secured on both surfaces. If you choose to delete the Admin App no data is lost. If you forgot your web console domain or your password, just contact us for easy recovery.

We are happy to advise you at any time!

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