Digital World’s Hide and Seek: The fear of getting caught


The more digital and technological developments can be seen in today’s digital world the more cybersecurity concerns of the companies arise each and every day. Over the past years, the cybersecurity breaches have increased enormously. In addition, the breaches are not only very costly but also damage the companies’ reputation and decrease their market value.

According to recent research, employee’s security behavior is an elementary area to look at when it comes to the cybersecurity concerns. If a company is aware of the internal information security and procedures it is able to manage the rising cybersecurity tasks. However, for those who do not pay attention to their companies’ cybersecurity policies, suddenly fat hits the fire and things are getting more complicated. The research on cybersecurity showed that there are also employees who underestimate information security risks and when cybersecurity breaches break out, they become silent and behave as if they are uninformed about the situation. Apart from the employees who leak valuable data intentionally and maliciously, there are many employers who cause cybersecurity problems without even noticing it.

However, in order to understand how the problem of unreported cybersecurity breaches develops, we should ask these questions: ‘ Why do employees choose to become silent when they cause or notice that others cause cybersecurity concerns?’ and ‘Why might employees be discouraged from reporting security issues and breaches?’ There are multiple reasons. For one, many employees have the fear of being punished or getting fines, if they report an error that they caused. This is often not even unjustified, since many work contracts state that if an employee damages company data, causes errors or breaches security measures, they will at least get a warning notice. Depending on the general company culture, this can lead to a feeling of mistrust between colleagues and the company in general. Moreover, it is determined in the studies that employees having more stress in their lives are more likely to break rules of security protocols since being more stressed reduces their tolerance for following rules and regulations.

It is impossible to say that when employees fail to follow the certain rules and procedures about cybersecurity, the security problems occur. This is the reason why they are discouraged to report security issues and breaches due to fear and shame since they might think that they have done something unfixed.

How can an MDM be used to encourage the employees into being more trustful?


Cybersecurity risks have become the most dangerous threats for today’s digital world. For this reason, many cybersecurity strategies are developed against cybersecurity threats and cyber-attacks. However, along with the protection against cybersecurity threats in mobile devices, a system is needed to control the users of mobile devices as well.

In this context, Mobile Device Management (MDM) system plays an elementary and significant role in order to prevent cyber-attacks and protect the data. On the other hand, an MDM gives your company the opportunity for having the full-control of mobile devices regardless of their users. However, this opportunity of MDM does not provide support only for companies but also for employees as well.

Thanks to MDM, it is much easier to detect the breach and identify the cybersecurity problems. To give an example; Admin defines breaches in MDM which also reports when an employee's device detects a breach. Plus, the employee can be sought out, and informed about it. In general, an MDM is a part of the cyber onion approach.That means, you can manage and secure the outgoing as well as incoming data traffic and communication to a certain degree, but it is never the only solution. MDM is a prevention measurement. But with the right set-up it can help build trust, because even employees don't need to think about the wrong or right usage of the devices. Instead they can rely on the company, that everything they do with their mobile devices is legal. The course of proceeding of this MDM system can be best seen with MobiVisor.

This process is not only beneficial for the managers’ of the company but to give confidence to employees in order to work in a trustworthy area since they would know that there is an application which is able to detect their failures even though they made a mistake unintentionally and without even recognizing it. Afterwards, companies can make their own solution strategies against security issues as they are informed about the problem thanks to the MDM detection.


Security Measures within MobiVisor


MobiVisor Admin App can grant access to more than one authorized person; plus, this person must be registered in the MDM as an admin so that you can change roles at any time. Thanks to the authority that MobiVisor provides, the admin can store upload, and share company
files. With MobiVisor, the admin can prohibit sharing of content with third parties and third party access to MobiVisor files.

Within the security opportunities of MobiVisor, there is a Data transfer with TLS/SSL and cannot be seen or modified during the transfer. Plus, Content management support is provided by the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) infrastructure Local data storage- data does not leave the corporate computer. Alongside, owing to the measure of Local data storage, data does not leave the corporate computer. It would be beneficial to clarify that MobiVisor Files and Secure Mail receives the highest rating of A+ in the Qualys SSL Labs Test (SSL Server Test). So the possibilities of data leaking and security breaches can be minimized as well.

The big advantage actually is that employees don't necessarily need to be on the lookout for possible breaches, which reduces a lot of stress in the workplace. With the help of MobiVisors reporting system, errors can be fixed quickly before bigger damage can happen.
This also prevents companies from having to warn employees or even dismissed.

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