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Collaboration is valuable for us. One of our customers with whom we have had the chance to collaborate for a long time is Ayakkabı Dünyası, a leading Turkish shoe company. In the pleasant interview made by Melike Su Uzun from our team with Berkant Özkurt rom Ayakkabı Dünyası, you will learn all the details about the collaboration between MobiVisor and Ayakkabı Dünyası. As well, you will see how MobiVisor is helpful in retail merchandising. Have fun!


First of all, thank you so much for joining me in this interview. If you would like to, I would really want to listen to your words about MobiVisor. How and why do you use MobiVisor?


‘’Of course. Each of the staff members who work at the stores of Ayakkabı Dünyası has an Apple iPod. We currently have 45 stores and 400 staff members. We have installed our in-house application, AD Shop, on these iPods. In order to prevent possible inconveniences, we have to put some restrictions on visiting certain websites, installing unnecessary applications, connecting to different Wi-Fi networks, using devices outside the store… When we did research on how to put these restrictions, we decided that we needed a mobile device management system. With MobiVisor, we are able to use our devices in different modes. We can have devices where only a single application works or a normal device where multiple applications work. Sometimes we put kiosks and managed the devices via these kiosks and sometimes we gave the authorization to our staff members. But the most important thing is that we do not have to go to the store to solve these problems. Plus, before MobiVisor, we had to go to the store when new devices were delivered to check them. However, now, we do not have to do that. The staff connects to the Wi-Fi and finds all the configurations readily available. As well, we need to make sure that personal data is protected because there is a law on that in our country. I'd like to thank the MobiVisor team because they help a lot with that, too.


We have been working with MobiVisor for 4.5 years, when we started to work there was no local mobile device management software and I don't think it still exists. Yes, there were alternative solutions, but there was no local software. MobiVisor's being local, being written in our country, and being a very successful solution in this field were the outstanding features for us. So of course it is not only because it is a local software... When we compare it with many foreign companies that offer MDM (mobile device management) solutions, we see that MobiVisor can do everything and even more that these companies can do.’’


What are the advantages of using a local solution for you?


‘’When you choose a local solution, it is easier for you to explain your problem and for the solutions to reach you more quickly. For example, when we first started the management of these devices, we had some needs, and when we conveyed these needs to the MobiVisor team, they met our needs by producing solutions very quickly. In this way, we had a very rapid adaptation process. Our staff started to use the application very well and smoothly.’’


When you started to use MobiVisor, did you notice any feature that is complementary to you apart from basic MDM solutions?


‘’There is a feature that did not exist in our previous research, this made us very happy. Since the devices we use are very small and we are constantly dealing with shoeboxes, these iPods sometimes fall into shoeboxes and it was very difficult to find these iPods in a huge store. With MobiVisor, we have the ability to remotely ring devices. We are now turning off the music system in the store, and by ringing the device remotely, our staff can find lost devices with ease. In addition, since we started using it, there have been approximately 6-7 iOS updates, or we had to update our own application. We were able to make these updates without the need to go to the store, without warning the staff. At the closing time of the store, we request that the devices be left on charge, so that our employees can find the devices they left in the evening, updated and ready to use when they arrive the next day. Additionally, you can chat via MobiVisor; Stores can message each other without the need for any e-mail process. This was very good for us, because the staff had to go and send an e-mail from the store vault when they needed to learn something before. Everyone works on shared mail, so when one person read that email, others could not see it. We can now make sure that everyone gets the necessary information.’’


MobiVisor is a product that has gained a lot of attention during the pandemic period, and did you see an extra benefit during the pandemic period?


‘’It hasn't happened yet. But it didn't happen because we didn't install MDM on company phones. Currently, we only use MobiVisor with our store employees. However, there is a situation as follows in accordance with the law of protecting personal data: It is necessary to access the e-mail system through MDM in order to prevent situations such as sending some information outside the company and taking screenshots. MobiVisor is currently offering this solution. We have not implemented this yet, but we are planning to do so soon.’’


So, based on all these statements, can we summarize the most beneficial points of MobiVisor for your company as device tracking, data security, and increasing communication efficiency?


‘’Yes, we can summarize like that, but we should not forget another very important point; To be able to update both iOS and our own application remotely. Because that application is our everything. And a problem in its operation means that all our work is disrupted. Does a shoe have the required number? Which shelf is it on? Or what store does it have? We can learn these in seconds thanks to that application, and we can even sell the product at that time on the application and ship the product to the customer's home. If we were not using a mobile device application, all these processes would take many minutes. Thanks to MobiVisor, we make sure that this application always runs smoothly and is not deleted from the device. If it is deleted, we can restore it remotely.


Although it sounds very easy and fast to explain, we have achieved great convenience and comfort with MobiVisor because all these are time-consuming processes. Therefore, MobiVisor has become a product that we both gladly use and recommend to other companies we work with. It is local, has a price advantage compared to its competitors and has no shortcomings… This is the most important thing. So, do you sacrifice other things while gaining a price advantage? No never.’’


We have come to the end of this pleasant interview. We thank Mr. Berkant Özkurt for sharing the details of Ayakkabı Dünyası & MobiVisor cooperation with us and for his valuable thoughts; and you, our readers, for your interest. See you again in other posts...


Take care of yourselves!


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