MobiVisor Downloads for Partners

As a partner, you can download everything you need to know about MobiVisor at any time via our MobiVisor downloads and use it for sales.

MobiVisor downloads for instructions and all links to our video tutorials can be found on our support page.

If you need an editable version of one of our presentations, please contact the MobiVisor marketing team: [email protected] or [email protected].

General Info

MobiVisor MDM Manual

How do I install MobiVisor? How do I manage users? How do I create policies? How can I manage apps? Here you will find an explanation and instructions for all MobiVisor features.

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Checklist MobiVisor Enrollment

Would you like to install MobiVisor via Android Enterprise or Apple DEP? This checklist will help you to prepare optimally for a stress-free and simple enrollment.

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MobiVisor MDM

Infosheet MobiVisor MDM

This info sheet explains MobiVisor MDM briefly and concisely.

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Presentation MobiVisor MDM

All information about MobiVisor MDM for partners.

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MobiVisor MDS

Infosheet MobiVisor MDS

- Please check back for more information here soon! -

Presentation MobiVisor MDS

All information about MobiVisor's Mobile Device Service: setup, control and support included.

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MobiVisor Messaging

MobiVisor's messenger covers all the functions of conventional messenger services - including data protection!

One-Pager MobiVisor Messaging

Here you will find all information about MobiVisor Messaging at a glance.

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Presentation MobiVisor Messaging

You can find more information about MobiVisor Messaging in our presentation.

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MobiVisor Contacts

Contacts is MobiVisor's easy-to-use app for synchronizing and distributing all important contacts in the company.

One-Pager MobiVisor Contacts

Find out here in a nutshell what MobiVisor Contacts is all about.

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Presentation MobiVisor Contacts

You can find more information about MobiVisor Contacts in our presentation.

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MobiVisor Files

With MobiVisor Files, you can distribute important files and documents to your mobile devices at any time in compliance with GDPR.

One-Pager MobiVisor Files

Everything you need to know about MobiVisor Files summarized in one document.

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Presentation MobiVisor Files

You can find more information about MobiVisor Files in our presentation.

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MobiVisor Secure Exchange

With MobiVisor Secure Exchange you can simplify and additionally secure e-mail traffic within the company.

One-Pager MobiVisor Secure Exchange

Find out what Secure Exchange is all about on just one page.

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Presentation MobiVisor Secure Exchange

You can find more information about MobiVisor Secure Exchange in our presentation.

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MobiVisor per-App VPN

MobiVisor per-App VPN is the easiest way to secure any Internet connection on mobile devices.

One-Pager MobiVisor per-App VPN

Secure Internet - at all times! Find out how in our one-pager.

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Presentation MobiVisor per-App VPN

You can find more information about MobiVisor per-App-VPN in our presentation.

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Do you have questions about setting up and using MobiVisor MDM?
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The MobiVisor Support Team

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MDM Support

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