MobiVisor MDM in pre-schools

As the provider of more than 50 childcare facilities in Halle an der Saale, the Eigenbetrieb Kindertagesstätten der Stadt Halle (Saale) is responsible for the management of a number of premises and employees. Read in our reference how, with the help of our MDM, the management of the terminals is carried out smoothly.


The Eigenbetrieb Kindertagesstätten of the city of Halle (Saale) is responsible for a total of 55 children's facilities in the central German city, including 49 day-care centres and six after-school centres for children in grades 1 to 4. In this stressful daily routine, in which teachers and children come together every day, technology must function reliably and provide support. The administration of the more than 50 facilities and their staff must run smoothly. When the Eigenbetrieb Kita Halle wanted to acquire new terminals in 2022, they already knew that manual administration would not be an option. Therefore, it should definitely be an MDM solution, and MobiVisor came to the attention of Eigenbetrieb Kita Halle during a market research. We were able to score points here due to our local proximity, the offer of a suitable product, good communication and fast customer support, which is why the choice ultimately fell on the MobiVisor product.


Support wherever possible


MobiVisor offers a simple and intuitive handling for the mobile device management of the Eigenbetrieb Kita Halle, with a very high level of complexity and flexibility. Our customers are relieved by the fast and solution-oriented customer support in case of questions, whereby problems are discussed together and solutions are implemented according to the requirements. It is important that in the case of technical questions, the help is primarily aimed at overcoming challenges as quickly as possible.

It is easy to work with the product and adaptation requests are taken into account. The user experience is accordingly very good.

In summary, MobiVisor provides the reliable IT that is urgently needed in the education sector, even under stressful conditions. With MobiVisor, educators can use mobile devices safely and easily, even if they are not used to using them. This is a big step towards modern education!

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