Using MDM for Efficient Delivery and Collection Operations


Nothing better than an efficient service given right in front of the doorstep, right? We can never be thankful enough to our neighborhood waste collector or the mailman for their daily services, saving us from dealing with going out and dumping our waste or taking our mail. As well, shipping companies have become a huge part of our lives lately with online shopping becoming extremely popular.

While people are getting more and more used to services delivered to them at their house, companies are expanding their delivery and collection services, hiring more people for logistics. With that many people working all around the country, or even the world in some cases, operational control is an essential part of the business. Thank god, we have the technology and the best digital solution for mobile device management, aka, MobiVisor.

Mobile device management is a key factor here to run the business smoothly for ensuring device security, work efficiency, and effective communication which will lead to lower the cost of service.


Device Security for Efficient Delivery & Collection


There are thousands of businesses around the world providing package and service delivery, as well as data, package, or waste collection. These enterprises mostly hand out mobile devices to their on-site employees to track the flow of the process. The security of these devices? Let MobiVisor handle it for you.


Location Tracking:


-  With MobiVisor, GPS data can be taken instantly or periodically on the map, your employees can report when they are logged in/out into the pre-defined locations in the system.

- Besides, MobiVisor can track a selected device within a specified time interval and display its location information as a projection on the map.


Device Details:


- You can access device brand and model, SIM card and IMEI numbers, battery status, data storage, RAM and CPU usage percentages, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth status, IP address, MAC address, DNS usage, and much more.


Mobile Restrictions:


To ensure that everything goes the way you want and there is no violation of rules, hardware, and software-based restrictions can be applied to your devices with MobiVisor and you can manage these restrictions remotely whenever you want.

- Block hardware components like camera, Bluetooth, airplane mode, etc. by defining time specified, map-based policies according to SSID information of devices.

- Limit users' access to applications installed on the device

- Control the Internet access of your devices by creating Blacklist/Whitelist (Firewall).

- Add unwanted numbers to a blacklist to prevent incoming calls.

- Track SIM card change/removal

- Get alerted when the GSM data, message, or call quota is exceeded.

You can determine whether to e-Mail the administrator, lock the device, view the device page, display the device alert window, or get reports about violations.

For utmost security, you can lock the device if it is taken outside of certain location limitations and you can detect if the devices are sending fake GPS data.


Work Efficiency


The performance of your business depends on how efficient your operations are. With the mobile restrictions which disable certain applications such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., you can be assured that your employees will be focused on their work during working hours. As well, you can remind them to take breaks to avoid overloading which causes inefficiency eventually. With location reports, you can track how productive your employees are and how much time it takes to complete delivery/collection during a day to change your operational plans or remain on the one you have.




While they are working hard all around the city to make sure the service reaches all the customers, you need to be able to respond whenever they need something.
With MobiVisor, you can instantly communicate with your employees and if they are facing a technical issue, you can remotely give IT assistance.

As well, if some of your employees are working in dangerous areas, you can track them in real-time to ensure their safety.

Now, you know the essentials of how mobile device management can be beneficial for delivery and collection business and what MobiVisor is for. But, do you think this is all? Of course not! With its customizability, MobiVisor is ready to meet as many of your needs as possible. Just reach us and get your special demo for free.

You can test MobiVisor for free in your Demo version. Just tell us what you need here

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