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The backbone of the economy: Service sector. Also known as the tertiary sector of the economy, the service sector is where the majority of employment is created. In a sphere that consists of service production, instead of end products, more and more people are employed all around the world every day. For this sector to move forward and expand uncomplicatedly, we need diligence, assistance, experience, and an effective workforce.


An effective workforce means organizational structure and management. Thanks to technology and the digital revolution, we have mobile devices to stay connected as teams. In this context, many employees have mobile devices provided by their companies. This brings us to MDM: Mobile Device Management, and the best device management solution: MobiVisor.


Let’s take cleaning companies as a use case.

Service Solution for Cleaning Companies: Mobile Device Management

Cleaning companies who have their employees and assign them to different places need to be able to stay connected with them. Providing each employee with a mobile device is a smart idea to do this, instead of the “bring your own device” method. Because, with managed mobility, you can:


- Track the GPS data of your employees which will help you to follow the efficiency and flow of work. GPS data can be accessed instantly or for a certain period, with the map-view.

- Remotely install your own corporate application if you have one.

- Remotely uninstall any application you would like to.

- Communicate instantly with your employees if something is not right and they need assistance.

- Ensure device security by being able to lock the device under certain conditions that you define. For example, you may choose to lock the device and make it impossible to be reached by any third party if the device is taken out of the city.

- Manage the passwords: you can define device-specific password policies to better protect the devices.

- Disable the use of social media applications and games during working hours.

- Set work and break hours and alert your employees when it’s time.

- Give technical assistance to your employees remotely and instantly.

- Get alerted if the sent data is fake or there is a SIM card change/removal.

- Reach all the device details.

- Block unwanted calls, text messages.

- Make any update and maintenance you need, remotely.

- Communicate with the team in a secure platform protected from any third party.

- Get reports from the devices of your agents to track the efficiency of your work and change/remain on your business plan according to the time your employees are spending at certain places.


And much more!


MobiVisor has been helping several companies from the service sector for ensuring  enterprise mobility management. This way, with the help of technology security solutions and tracking systems, the companies who provide facilities services become ensured that their work is getting done as productive as possible, and cost-efficient. Thus, work done at its best leads to competitive advantage.


Sounds good? We would love you to try it yourself. Please contact us to increase the efficiency and security of your business and we will be more than delighted to start your free demo A.S.A.P.


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