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Every Mobile Device Management solution has a number of functions that aim to
make an MDM particularly easy to use and functional. Mobile devices occupy an invaluable place in almost every industry. Protecting mobile devices and shared data has become much more important due to the fact that this data is located in numerous different operating systems. Many enterprises have started to deal with this situation by using mobile device management solutions. But how do they find the right MDM solution? How do you make sure that the MDM solution you have found is the right one for your company? The checklist below will help you find the MDM solution you need for your company, employees and overall data security!


The mobile working culture, which has become widespread recently, has contributed greatly to companies and employees in terms of productivity. In this period when the foundations of a more balanced working life have been laid, although mobile working has brought convenience to our professional and personal lives, it is a situation that can cause great problems if it is not managed effectively. When corporate mobility is not well managed and kept secure, very serious damage may occur in terms of sensitive data owned by the company.  The right  MDM solution monitors, secures and manages employees' corporate devices.


However, there are many MDM solutions out there. But how will you choose the right MDM solution? This can become quite a challenging task, as not every company has the same requirements and needs in regards to an MDM.
Therefore, companies need to realize and decide their needs before choosing an MDM. Here’s a checklist for you to decide whether an MDM meets your requirements:


The Key Advantages of Mobile Device Management



With an MDM, your team members will have readily configured and updated devices. As well, with the ability to intervene remotely at any time, it is for sure that you will save so much time.

Efficiency improvement:

Since you can configure special policies for the special needs of your organization, you can be ensured to have an improved workflow efficiency.

Increased productivity:

Utilizing a combination of policies like banning the usage of non-enterprise applications during work hours leads to more productivity.

Security enhancements:

With the ability to imply special policies and to lock the device in certain areas / if the device is taken outside of the enterprise (thanks to GPS tracking), you can protect your corporate data from being shared with third parties.

Efficient app management:

Remotely install and remove any application, and predefined application permissions and settings to ensure they’re ready for use immediately after the deployment of the device. In addition, you can update  the applications remotely without requiring any user intervention.

As MDM experts we are able to give you a short checklist, based on what we find is most important to our customers. You can of course apply it to every MDM that you might encounter. Also we strongly advise you to check out MDM comparison sites on the internet for example at or There you can find an overview about what products are at the market and what their unique assets are.
Nevertheless, it is useful to have some ideas on what to look for:


The Best MDM Solution Checklist


- Users and user devices can be integrated without prior knowledge.

- An MDM should offer the possibility to integrate all existing operating systems

- You can divide users into groups and assign guidelines to them

- The interface is clear and you always have an overview of your devices.

- You will have the details of the devices.

- Ability to access the locations

- Application control

- Content management

- Remote IT Assistance

- Ensuring corporate data safety

- Customizability according to the needs of the customer

- Simple device registration

- Easy device management

- The MDM should, if permitted, locate the devices and/ or put them into a lost mode.

- You can set up a Kiosk Mode via the MDM, with this, you can specify that only one app is to be used.

- It aims to provide secure access to corporate data and applications.

- A great customer service


We, of course, are very happy to show you how MobiVisor implements all these requirements.
You can read up on MobiVisor and its assets on our website.

And one last thing: it is totally normal that you only discover what is right and what does not fit for your company or for you personally when you experience an MDM first hand.
So, if you have the chance, don't hesitate to ask for a free trial or a test environment to find out if the MDM you’ve chosen is the right one for you.

You prefer to have a personal talk with a MobiVisor expert? You can reach us anytime via our contact form or give us a call at +49 1578 3029874.