Do you want to implement MobiVisor in your company? No problem - we accompany you throughout the entire process. Our services range from consulting to device provisioning and activation of the mobile devices in your company.

Our Services

A solution for your device management tailored to your needs? We are happy to advise you on both your software and your hardware. Of course, we will procure all mobile devices for you! Your devices will be configured according to your wishes. You choose which profile your device should have: either solely a work profile or both a work and private profile. After testing down to the smallest detail, the devices are delivered to you - already covered with a protective foil!

  • Product and system consulting based on your needs
  • Test phase (without device)
  • Procurement of all devices
  • Preparation of your devices
  • Complete equipment check before delivery
  • Individual creation of an application catalogue
  • Customized configuration
  • Professional application of protective foils on your devices
  • SIM card management
  • Enrollment in MobiVisor

We offer you permanent support and thoroughly assist you with optimized solutions - even after the purchase decision. Our service does not end with the delivery. We offer you support around the clock and help you optimize your solutions - on site, by phone or online.

  • Permanent support
  • Remote maintenance
  • Flexible adaptation of the configurations
  • Repair/provision of replacement devices

Your device is lost or stolen? Or did the coffee cup render your device useless? You want to buy new equipment, but the old devices still contain valuable internal data? We are aware that in such cases things have to happen quickly and we facilitate the process by providing you with replacements in a non-bureaucratic manner. We also have the option to simply recover your data. We support you with secure and certified data erasure - and storage of lost devices.
In case you want to get involved in ecological recycling, we also offer sustainable recycling options for your devices.

  • Quick and simple recovery service
  • Data rescue/transfer/erasure
  • Take-Back of your old devices
  • Recycling of your devices
  • Permanent device modernization through regular service
  • Fast delivery of new devices with smooth repetition of the process


Your device has arrived and you are already prepared to work!

We deliver your desired device with a data protection compliant (GDPR) configuration. Depending on your request, we can equip the device with your required business applications before delivery.

Limitless Possibilities with a Knowledge Overload!

Learn all details about the functionality of MobiVisor MDM and discover the many uses an MDM can have in different companies.

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    Selection of Devices

    Select your desired device and quantity without obligation:

    The All-Rounders

    Choose an easy-to-use and understand device for multiple purposes

    Our Price-Performance Recommendation

    Choose a user friendly, inexpensive device with many features

    The Robust Companion

    Choose durable and trusty devices to use for single purposes and in the field

    Configuration of Devices

    Choose the desired configuration model:

    Work Profile

    Complete device management;
    Pre-defined application catalogue;
    Remote management
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    Work + Private Profile

    Additional private usage possible
    Separation of corporate and private data (Containerization)
    Remote management
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    Bundle Choice

    Select one of our 'Basic' and 'Professional' packages. We configure the device according to your wishes.


    100% ready-to-use
    Complete management
    Certified data erasure


    Basic Package +
    SIM card management
    e-mail creation
    Customized features

    Screen Protection

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