MobiVisor VoIP: Phone calls via the Internet

VoIP stands for Voiceover-IP and is a telephone service which builds up telephone connections via the data network. Due to the internet based connection an increased security standard by encryption is possible. For voice encryption TLS+SRTP is used.

The benefits are obvious: flexibility, good accessibility and cost reduction. While using the data net you save money with every call - within Germany plus abroad - and you are accessible from everywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You remain flexible at any time!

We adhere to the principle of best usability and minimized expenditure for the user. Therefore, there is no additional application for the VoIP module, but the functions are embedded in the messaging module (MobiVisor Messenger). Please note that an On-Premise Server installation is needed for this application.



For which companies is this VoIP-Extension suitable?


This extension is in particular suitable for companies with high security standards. Hence, we recommend purchasing the MobiVisor Premium licenses which include all extensions. This way, you cover your entire company communication and benefit from special protection of your enterprise data.