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Information Technology

If you follow us on our social channels LinkedIn and Instagram, you can see different types of posts, with which we aim to hand over our IT knowledge to you. One part consists of our frequent glossary posts.
Naturally, after many weeks and months, there is now a large accumulation of posts. That’s why we asked around and will now present our MobiVisor team members’ favorite glossary posts!


Which IT Terms are most interesting?

 MDM stands for Mobile Device Management and is the management of smart devices such as smartphones, smart computers and tablets.

Toni, Product Manager MobiVisor and Customer Solutions Specialist:

“As product manager of our MDM solution MobiVisor, I am in constant exchange with our customers and support them in setting up and implementing the software. It makes me happy to see the benefit especially for the administrators because a lot of effort and stress can be avoided by using an MDM.”

IoT (= Internet of things) stands for the devices with an on and off button that can be connected to the Internet.

Melih, Team Lead Development:

“I’m fascinated about IoT, and use a lot of IoT devices at home that help me with my daily tasks and make managing house and garden as well as appliances easier or completely automatic. I can set up processes which interact with data from the Internet in order to determine what an appliance has to do.”


Industry 4.0, also known as the 4th Industrial Revolution, brings more efficient, faster and
lower cost production with it.

Irem, Graphic Designer:

“Industry 4.0 only by itself is impressive because of its direct results on technology, but also more than an industrial revolution when we think about its effects that we have started to observe so far. I personally feel excited when I think about how it is going to shape the future's economic and political life as well as everyday life. I am confident that it is going to rethink how people perceive and experience the world around them.”

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