The KIOSK mode for any company


The KIOSK mode for any company


On our blog we often talk about KIOSK mode, which is a special mode of mobile devices.
KIOSK mode doesn't mean that there are heaps of magazine and news apps on your device, unless that's what you want, but that, similar to a kiosk display, only a selection of certain things are presented.
For mobile devices, that means only the most important apps make it to the home screen.


The KIOSK mode: What is its benefit?


In most companies, it makes sense to use mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to facilitate and support daily work, but to do so, they also need to be secured. By using a mobile device management system, such as MobiVisor, security policies can be set up to prevent the device from being used improperly or exposed to risks.

KIOSK mode is also one such security measure:
By restricting the usability of the device, for example, users are prevented from using the device differently than intended. By having only a few preconfigured apps appear on the home screen and everything else, such as the settings, etc., disappear in the background, it can be prevented. disappear in the background, devices can be prevented from being set up incorrectly.

Using the KIOSK mode in practice


In principle, KIOSK mode can be applied to any device. However, there is one restriction: the devices must belong to the company and should not be released for private use. KIOSK mode is therefore particularly useful for purely work devices.

Let's take a closer look at some use cases:


1. use in a doctor's office:


In a doctor's office, Android tablets of the Lenovo brand are used:
They are handed out at the reception to record data of new patients or to renew data of existing patients and also to record whether special precautions have to be taken due to allergies or the like. are to be observed.
The patient receives the tablet, on which the app for recording all this information is already open. Due to the pre-configuration via MDM, the app cannot be closed. It is also not possible to access the settings and use the device in any other way than planned. This SINGLE app mode is a special variant of the KIOSK mode, in which only one app is used. This leads to a particularly safe use of the device


2. use in the hotel:


Again, tablets are used, but this time from Samsung, as they have even more functions. The small, cozy country hotel wants to offer its guests a special service by providing a tablet in every room.
This has several predefined apps for news and entertainment and two games apps. Furthermore, guests can use the hotel's own app to reorder drinks for the room or contact the reception.
A mobile device management system was used to configure all devices in the hotel's 80 rooms in the same way. The KIOSK mode prevents guests from downloading apps or changing the tablet's basic settings.
If there are problems with the tablet, the KIOSK mode can also be removed via the MDM and thus the settings can be accessed again.

3. On the construction site:


KIOSK mode can be used not only on tablets, but also on smartphones. On a construction site, for example, employees are always on duty with their service cell phones: to photograph defects, to communicate with the site management or to accept instructions and important information.
Accordingly, employees always have their most important apps on their devices. These should also be additionally secured.
For example, an MDM can ensure that no unsecured WLAN networks are used. If a device is lost, a lock via MDM can prevent anyone from causing damage with the device.




Based on the cases described above, it is clear that KIOSK mode contributes significantly to simplifying and facilitating the operation of mobile devices.
It does limit the user interface of the devices, but this contributes to a positive user experience. Employees always have their apps at hand for work, and the devices can be used easily and safely by outsiders because KIOSK mode prevents improper use.
KIOSK mode is designed to act like a second user interface on the device, hiding everything that is unimportant and only showing the apps that are actually needed. It does not matter whether it is an app from the Play Store or Appstore, a web app, or an app that was programmed specifically for the company. In combination with other security functions of the MDM, the KIOSK mode forms the ideal basis for secure use of mobile devices in companies.


Interested in knowing the best way to incorporate the KIOSK Mode in your company?

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