Helpful, Efficient, Very Intelligent: Meet Mobi

Your Online Companion


It is one thing for companies to have a great product that can provide what the customer needs. But it is another thing to have great customer service. It is not practical to have to call someone when you need support of any kind, yet is typical to encounter problems when using a software product dedicated to sensitive company aspects such as data protection, controlling of enterprise devices and many more.

Imagine having a slight issue, a small question that can be easily solved. It may become annoying to reach out to the customer support team all the time. Or imagine wanting to have slightly more detailed information but don’t have the time to make a call. That’s when online assistants come into force!

Of course, when it comes to huge issues that can only be solved by a human customer support specialist, it is always necessary to call for technical support. However, do we always have to reach out to somebody to get answers for our basic questions? When it comes to MobiVisor, no. You don’t have to.


As the MobiVisor team, we introduced our small but highly effective online assistant Mobi a few weeks ago. Mobi is an octopus that has the talent to manage many things at once. We came to the realization that we never really explained why the mascot for our beloved MDM product MobiVisor is an octopus and how he can help you when needed. So here we go!

Octopuses are interesting creatures. First, they are incredibly intelligent. They can adapt to their environment, hide, and change shape according to their surroundings. Octopuses, which have all kinds of tactics to escape from their enemies, are almost invincible with their eight tentacles. Their color and size are determined by their environment which gives them the option to blend with their surroundings. These fantastic features made an octopus the perfect choice for our mascot, since MobiVisor aims to be just that: intelligent, adaptive and flexible.

As of the other 200 species of octopuses, Mobi as well is a small intelligent creature. He is here to help you with the problems you may encounter when it comes to MobiVisor. MobiVisor is our Mobile Device Management solution for companies to manage company devices easily and securely. If you lack knowledge on MDM you can check our article on Mobile Device Management right here.

Managing enterprise devices is a concern, especially with the increasing popularity of remote work situations.  With its many features, MobiVisor can help you to have the best working experience with the features it offers for your company.  And then comes our little Mobi, to make sure you get the best experience of our MDM product. His tentacles represent the highly efficient features of MobiVisor such as MobiVisor Messenger, MobiVisor Files, Per-App-VPN and MobiVisor Secure Mail. Mobi is here to help you no matter what, whenever you want, all the time.

Mobi represents our MDM product MobiVisor, and thus our company. He is great at multitasking and handling many crucial aspects at once, just like MobiVisor. He has not just one but three hearts like every octopus; making him strong and unbeatable, ready to defend against enemies such as the Data Kraken. His camouflaging feature represents that MobiVisor is also adaptable based on our customers’ needs and requests.

He is strong, helpful, and capable of solving any problems one can have; just like our company and products. That is why our mascot is an octopus, representing the good sides of us and our products. Like the rest of the MobiVisor team and the product itself, Mobi as well is capable, easy to use and helpful.  If you would like to learn more about us and our MDM product MobiVisor you can simply click here to visit our website.


Customer satisfaction is one of the most important things for our company. Our renowned customer service starts with our Customer Guide Mobi, helping you like the Immediate Aid team, then quickly transferring to our company doctors: our customer support team. They are reachable, helpful, and ready to make sure that your problems are solved quicker than you could ever imagine. And meanwhile Mobi is here to guide you through MobiVisor and around the product website.

You may have encountered Mobi somewhere already: we introduced him on LinkedIn, Instagram and also on the MobiVisor Admin App. In the future we want to introduce him further on our website: everytime there is something that needs explaining, Mobi is there to guide you to important information. So watch out for him in the future!

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