A New Way to Govern your MDM

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Most MDMs (Mobile Device Management System) use a rather big and extensive Web Console to manage all the devices, users and apps.
But is this still necessary? Let’s discover the possibilities that an administration app for a mobile device can offer for your MDM and help you pick out the best option to manage your mobile devices.


You have to decide what you need to see


Now one might think that it is indeed necessary to manage all the mobile devices via a web console. However, it might be quite the opposite.
Why, for example, would you need a web console, when you’re managing only a few mobile devices?
(Why should I have an MDM with less than 50 devices at all? - you might ask. Read up on this topic right here!

The only thing an MDM should ask you for is to decide what is vital in order for you to manage your company's mobile devices efficiently. Sometimes, your requirements aren’t that extensive!
On one hand of course, it is always impressive when you have a lot of features and an interface that offers seemingly endless possibilities. But on the other hand this might also be the reason you lose track of all devices, groups and apps. A simpler solution is the answer.


How about managing all the mobile devices with a mobile device yourself?


When it comes to an MDM, it’s all about managing mobile devices so employees have the freedom to work from everywhere and are not bound to desktop PCs or laptops. In the future, even just working with high performance tablets is imaginable.
So if you and the rest of the company already prefer working with mobile devices, it's only consequent that their management is adjusted for the use on mobile devices.
That is why the MobiVisor Admin App was created.


The MobiVisor Admin App - your little helper


The MobiVisor Admin App gives you the possibility to manage all mobile devices that are connected to MobiVisor via an app. It is available only for administrators: To use the app, one has to be registered as an administrator on the respective MobiVisor Domain.
It can be installed directly via the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and automatically grants access to the MobiVisor Domain when the admin logs in.
When you use the MobiVisor Admin App you have all the advantages of an app combined with the extensive features of an MDM:

The Admin App is especially designed to work efficiently on mobile devices, which means that it's optimized for touch screens and is responsive to different screen sizes. Since data is locally saved, it also works faster in comparison to a mobile website! Even if an administrator is on the go, support can be given and settings can be changed through the app without being dependent on a Wi-Fi connection.


How to choose between the MobiVisor Admin App and the web console?


Long term users of MobiVisor MDM might have grown accustomed to web consoles to manage their devices. But why not switch to the MobiVisor Admin App?

Let’s see what is most fitting in your case:

Use the MobiVisor Webconsole if you:
… have many devices registered and managed at once
… have many different apps and applications you have to manage
… regularly change users and/ or devices
… use one or more MobiVisor expansion
… often use the remote support from your office

Do you tick two or more? Then the web console is still your best option!

Use the MobiVisor Admin App if you:
… are working mobile and mostly use a tablet
… have less than 20 devices to manage
… don’t change apps often, or mostly use the KIOSK Mode
… don’t use remote support via shared screen
… use MobiVisor Standard without any expansion

If you see yourself in this list, you can easily switch to the MobiVisor Admin App!


How does the MobiVisor Admin App work?


As a basic rule, you’ll always have your MobiVisor domain. If you are a registered system administrator you can just search for “MobiVisor Admin App” in the Play Store.
The only next step you have to take is to login as an admin, for example via QR Code.
You can immediately see all users that are already enrolled in MobiVisor and you can start adding users, defining groups and so on.
Since the Admin App is based on your MobiVisor domain, you can use the app and the web console and switch between both as you please.

We hope you enjoy your new experience of managing your MDM!

Not sure if the MobiVisor Admin App is working for you? We are here to help! Just contact our customer care team via [email protected]  or +49 1765008060.

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